Wild Thing

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Wild Thing

Toni Russo, manager of Action Models, has arrived in the Idaho wilderness to oversee a photo shoot which has become her worst nightmare. Toni is deathly afraid of the wilderness after a traumatic event as a child and would rather be anywhere else than the scenic mountain terrain of this location. Hunter Kincaid, owner of River Runners, will be leading Toni's group of models for this photo shoot and keeping everyone safe on this assignment. Hunter is instantly intrigued by this sexy, Goth-dressing manager and is looking forward to spending more time with her. Toni doesn't want anything to do with Hunter or any possible romantic entanglements, but the handsome river guide is planning to work his way into her life as well as her heart.

I adored Toni from the very beginning of this book. She had this tough exterior and kick-ass attitude with a wicked sense of humor. She wasn't letting anyone get to her but that was because she was hiding behind her own persona. Her Goth appearance made her invisible to other people and since she was invisible, there was no way that she was going to get hurt. She never knew what it was like to be loved by someone or to actually love someone in return because she never had the same loving family that Hunter did. So, when Hunter told her that he loved her after three days, she didn't believe him. No one could fall in love that fast even though that is exactly what Hunter did.

Hunter was the exact polar opposite of Toni's personality which made him absolutely perfect for her. He saw through the tough exterior and found a beautiful woman that would love him with all her heart, even though he accidentally broke that heart a couple times by miscommunication and a couple of awkward situations. The ending where Hunter went to New York to get Toni back was great and I could almost feel her emotions when he told her how he felt and gave her that wonderful present. He was an amazing hero that always put others first especially his family and the troubled kids of the River Runners program. The fact that he was good-looking and a great cook didn't hurt either. I also enjoyed the fact that when he discovered the reason why Toni disliked being in the woods, he helped her work through it by gently protecting her and guiding her until she felt comfortable in that environment as well.

The secondary characters of this novel were a welcome addition and added to the overall development of this story. Hunter's family especially Karma and Grampa Joe were delightful and some of their scenes were absolutely hilarious. This was one of my favorite novels of the year and I'm looking forward to reading Fisher's story next year.

Book Blurb for Wild Thing

Whitewater-rafting guide Hunter Kincaid lands his dream job–guiding sportswear models through Idaho's rugged wilderness for a photo shoot. When he meets Toni Russo, the goth New York manager of Action Models, there are enough sparks to set the forest ablaze.

When Hunter finds Toni's book on how to marry the man of your choice, he studies it as a joke. Before long Hunter realizes he's never cared enough for a woman to bother working this hard to get her. But the last man in the world this city girl wants is a Survivor Man wannabe...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50