Wicked Road to Hell

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Wicked Road to Hell

The League of Guardians, #1

Declan O’Hara is a sorcerer that is working for the Seraphim and his latest assignment has him on the hunt to locate a missing person before the demons of Hell do. Still reeling from the loss of his beloved Ana three years ago, he travels to the Big Easy believing that he could find the missing person there. To his surprise, the missing person is a powerful teenager, Kaden, with magic that will someday rival his own and the person that has been hiding him is Ana DeLacrux, who he saw die three years ago. Confused, Declan joins Ana and his other Seraphim warriors to protect Kaden from the Demon Lord, Samael, who wants to use him for his powers. Kaden is one of seven powerful marked teenagers and if their powers are joined together could lead to the end of the world.

When Declan learns that two of the marked are trapped in Hell, he makes a decision to go and retrieve them knowing that the last time he was there, he barely made it out of Hell alive. Soon, Ana learns that Declan is risking his life to retrieve the missing teenagers and comes up with a plan that may help him in his time of need. She also wants to let him know that he has always been the love of her life and would travel the road to Hell to prove it.

I want to say that this book had me from the very first page, it grabs you that fast with the action and storyline. Declan is a tortured hero, that has been suffering from his six months of torture in Hell and watching Ana die with his own eyes three years ago. His shock to find that she was still alive and working for the same side as Declan left him with so many conflicted emotions. She was the love of his life and he has been comparing women to her ever since, so them joining together for a common goal had to break his heart.

Ana did die three years ago and made a deal to return to help others by pledging her allegiance to the Seraphim. She never expected to see Declan again nor did she expect to feel the emotions that she has been suppressing since they have been apart. She believes that she and Declan can’t be together and have the life that they want. It just isn’t possible to have a family. The closest thing that she can have to a family is by bringing Kaden into her home and protecting him from the forces of evil. She will do anything to protect him and she shows that she would be a great mom in the scenes that she has with Kaden in this book.

Ana and Declan belong with one another, they just fit so well together. Both of them are willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives for the well-being of each other and you just want them to get the happy ending they deserve. Juliana Stone did such an amazing job of character development and distinctive world-building with Wicked Road to Hell. Action-packed scenes with a romantic love story that left you wanting more. This is the first in the series of the League of Guardians and I’m looking forward to reading more about this world later this year.

Book Blurb for Wicked Road to Hell

Juliana Stone goes to the next level with the first book in the spinoff series of her Jaguar Warriors. The League of Guardians is comprised of supernatural beings of all species. In WICKED ROAD TO HELL, vampire Ana comes back from the dead with vengeance on her mind-and magician Declan in her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50