Vampire Federation,#1

Vampires are a subject that Alex Bishop knows a lot about. As a special agent for the Vampire Intelligence Agency, she spends her time hunting down rogue vampires for termination who want life to return to the traditional ways of seeing humans only as a food source. The only problem is that Alex is a member of the undead herself and her fellow vampires consider her a traitor to their species. One day, Alex is brought into a murder case where a teenager witnesses a ritualistic murder at a prestigious mansion and is claiming that vampires were the killers. Detective Joel Solomon is the lead on this case and knows all too well what vampires can do. He believes the young man's story because vampires killed his entire family when he was just a young boy himself. Alex and Joel decide to join forces to solve the murder and prevent the potential uprising of traditional vampires in the area. If they don't stop these vampires in time, the whole world will be overrun by these traditional vampires and death and destruction will be in store for the human race.

This book is a roller-coaster ride! It is an action-packed adventure with a lot of excitement and just grabs ahold of you from the very beginning. I could almost see this book being turned into a movie on the big screen. I enjoyed Alex's character because she was the strong, independent type that you could really care about. She knew that she would be a target for other vampires because of what she does but she had to keep the traditional vampires in line or they would destroy everything. There was also a romantic side to this adventure story. Joel reminded Alex of the fianc‚ that she lost before she was turned into a vampire and she had a hard time dealing with those feelings for him while hiding the fact that she was also a vampire. Would he try to destroy her too when he found out what she was or would he accept that she wasn't like the vampires that killed his family. Great story!

Book Blurb for Uprising

A gruesome ritual murder has stained the Oxfordshire countryside. It's just the first incident in a chain of events awakening Detective Inspector Joel Solomon to his worst nightmare-and a dreadful omen of things to come. Because Joel has a secret: he believes in vampires.

Alex Bishop is an agent of the Vampire Intelligence Agency. She's tasked with enforcing the laws of the global Vampire Federation, and hunting rogue members of her race. A tough job made tougher when the Federation comes under attack by traditionalist vampires. They have a stake in old-school terror-and in an uprising as violent as it is widespread.

Now it's plunging Alex and Joel into a deadly war between the living and the unloving-and against a horrifying tradition given new life by the blood of the innocent.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25