The Slayer

Legend Chronicles, #2

Winchester Jackson has been trained for one thing most of his life. To be a hunter of paranormal beings and destroy them if needed to protect the innocent. He and his brothers are considered to be “The Chosen,” the prophetic brothers that are destined to prevent the arch demon, Rathe, from opening the Gates of Nyx and destroying the world. Winn has tried to leave that all behind him by becoming the sheriff of Bodie until Contessa Alexandra Porter walks into his life with an offer he can’t refuse.

Alexa is on a mission to help Winn retrieve a portion of the Book of Legend that has been split into three parts before Rathe opens the Gates of Nyx. The Contessa is beautiful, sexy and extremely dangerous because she is a vampire and Winn has to suppress his instincts as a hunter to work with her. During their travels, Winn and Alexa face shape shifters, demons and other paranormal obstacles in their quest to retrieve the book. The attraction between them grows with each passing day until they begin to wonder what they will have to sacrifice for the possibility of having a life with another.

The Slayer was a great thrill-ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the aspect of Winn and Alexa working together because they had this wonderful connection with one another even though the idea of them collaborating would seem laughable to some. These two characters were exact opposites that should have been mortal enemies on sight but they were able to join forces and were surprised to discover that they weren’t so different after all. Both were strong, independent people who were doing things based on routine and a sense of duty when their heart wanted them to lead another path that wouldn’t be accepted by others in their life.

Alexa was the perfect heroine who thought that she had seen everything but never had experienced the true meaning of love. She was able to fight side by side with Winn and hold her own in any situation which was unthinkable for any woman at that time. In the end, she was faced with some very tough decisions to protect the one person that she loved and it was touching to watch her accept those decisions without a second thought to the consequences.

I liked Winn from the first book, The Hunter, but he became my favorite Jackson brother in this one. I fell in love with him along with Alexa and I could definitely see the attraction. Turning his back on everything he was taught to try to live a “normal” life only to learn that life doesn’t always let you take the easy path when you are one of The Chosen. By the time this story came to an end, Winn had finally accepted being a hunter along with his brothers because it brought him closer to Alexa.

I loved the steampunk world that Ms. Meyers created with The Legend Chronicles series and I am excited to see how she finishes this race against time with the arch demon, Rathe. I suggest that everyone pick up The Hunter first because it will help with the storyline but this is a great book on its one and I can’t wait to read Remington’s story soon.

Book Blurb for The Slayer

Brothers Winchester, Remington and Colt know the legends--they were trained from childhood to destroy demon predators, wielding the latest steam-powered gadgetry. It's a devil of a job. But sometimes your fate chooses you. . .


Winn Jackson isn't interested in hunting nightmares across the Wild West--even if it's the family business. Unlike his rakehell brothers, Winn believes in rules. As sheriff of Bodie, California, he only shoots actual law breakers. That's what he's doing when he rescues the Contessa Drossenburg, Alexandra Porter, a lady with all the elegance of the Old World--grace, beauty and class. And then he sees her fangs.

Alexandra isn't just some bloodsucking damsel in distress, though. She's on a mission to save her people--and she's dead certain that Winn's family legacy is the only way. Luckily, aside from grace and class, she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide. So like it or not, Winn is going to come back with her to the mountains of Transylvania, and while he's at it, change his opinions about vampires, demon-hunting, and who exactly deserves shooting. And if she has her way, he's going to do his darnedest to save the world. . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50