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The Guardian

Return of the Highlanders, #1

Growing up, Sileas believed that handsome Ian MacDonald would be her hero and protect her from any harm. One day, when Sileas learns that her stepfather was going to marry her off, she begs Ian to hide her and take her back to his home. These two are found together, the situation compromises Sileas' virtue which forces Ian's father to take action. Ian must marry Sileas to protect her reputation even though Ian only sees her as a pesky teenager. Sileas couldn't be happier with the arrangement until Ian denies her as his wife and leaves to fight abroad with his brothers.

Five years later, Ian returns home to discover that things have changed. The girl that was once all bones and elbows and red hair too bright, has blossomed into a beautiful young woman that sets Ian's heart racing with desire. Sileas is still furious at Ian for leaving her alone for so long and denying her as his wife. Ian decides to make things right but worries that it might be too late for them. Other men have shown interest in Sileas and would love to take her as their wife, if Ian would only step aside. Sileas loves Ian, but wants his respect and love as well as the desire that he feels for her. Ian must prove to Sileas that he has changed, but with a little help from his family, Sileas isn't about to make things easy for him.

I fell in love with this novel! I have read the "Knight" series by Margaret Mallory before, but the characters in this story really touched me. Ian's family was so loving and accepting of Sileas even though Ian wouldn't claim her as his wife. They knew that the two of them were meant to be together even though Ian was too thickheaded to realize it at first. Sileas was a great character that showed strength and independence even though she was fighting her feelings for Ian. She wanted so desperately to be held in his arms but was going to make him prove that his actions were based in love instead of desire. This is a wonderful start of a series and I can't wait to read the adventures of the MacDonald brothers as they each find their own true love.

Book Blurb for The Guardian


After years of fighting abroad, Ian MacDonald comes home to find his clan in peril. To save his kin, he must right the wrongs from his past . . . and claim the bride he's long resisted.

As a young lass, Sìleas depended on Ian to play her knight in shining armor. But when his rescue attempt compromised her virtue, Ian was forced to marry against his wishes. Five years later, Sìleas has grown from an awkward girl into an independent beauty who knows she deserves better than the reluctant husband who preferred war to his wife. Now this devilishly handsome Highlander is finally falling in love. He wants a second chance with Sìleas - and he won't take no for an answer.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00