The Earl is Mine

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The Earl is Mine

The Earl is Mine is the second in the series of the “House of Brady,” which is loosely based on the Brady Bunch television show. In this installment, we find Gregory Sherwood planning to propose to his girlfriend, Eliza, when he accidentally finds her in the arms of his best friend. Distraught, he turns to his childhood friend, Lady Pippa Harrington, for comfort but she pushes him away when he kisses her to get back at Eliza. After being admonished by Pippa, Gregory decides to move to America to work on elevating himself as an architect and leave the heartbreak of his past behind.

A year later, he returns to London and finds himself in Pippa’s home on the eve where Pippa is trying desperately to get out of being forced into an arranged marriage by her stepfather. She hopes that Gregory will help her to achieve her dreams in the culinary world by going to Paris and will do anything to convince him to assist her in this scheme. But things don’t go according to plan and Pippa and Gregory find themselves in unexpected situations with hilarious results.

I love Kieran’s books because she always provides such a romantic atmosphere that is bound to sweep you away with her lovely characters. I loved Pippa’s spunky personality and she was so determined to achieve her goals, no matter what she had to do to get there. Gregory was such a dashing, yet at times, brooding character and I thoroughly enjoyed his chemistry with the delightful Pippa. Kieran Kramer is an amazing writer with captivating romantic tales that will leave you wanting more from these characters. I am excited to read the next book, Say Yes to the Duke, which involves Lady Janice Sherwood’s search for love.

Book Blurb for The Earl is Mine

Handsome, charismatic, and on the verge of becoming a successful architect, Gregory Sherwood, Lord Westdale, could have just about any woman he wants. So why rush to marry? So far there’s only been one woman he’s ever truly loved. But that was before she had a secret affair with his best friend…with the help of an unwitting accomplice named Lady Pippa Harrington.

Pippa may not have acted in her old friend Gregory’s best interests, but she’s always believed that the heart sets its own rules. This is why Pippa must escape her arranged marriage—fast—by fleeing to Paris, where she hopes to pursue her artistic passions. To do so, Pippa will need all the help she can get—from Gregory, the one man she isn’t sure she can trust…or resist…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50