The Cross

Vampire Federation, #2

To save his life, Joel Solomon has been turned into the monster that he has been out to destroy, changed by the woman that he loved. After a gory battle with Gabriel Stone and his minions, the Cross of Ardaich was destroyed while leaving Joel mortally wounded and Alex Bishop had no choice but to turn him into a vampire. Now, Joel is on the run from what he has become and Alex has learned that Gabriel Stone may have survived the battle and planning to finish what he started. This time he has recruited a sadistic human to be his messenger of blood and it is up to Alex and Joel to finally destroy him to save all of mankind.

This book was much better to me than the previous novel “Uprising” and the beginning of “The Cross” picks up right where the first one ended. Joel has discovered to his horror that Alex has turned him into a vampire in a last ditch effort to save his life. I thought that it was very interesting watching Joel’s change from being against the vampires to finally accepting what he was and using it to his advantage. I missed Alex in this one because I just felt that she didn’t really have that many scenes and she was one of the reasons I liked the first book. This book is full of action, humor and a dash of romance for some of the characters. It also has one of the most sadistic and brutal serial killers that I have ever seen. Definitely worth reading and the ending leaves the possibility for a third novel.

Book Blurb for The Cross

The vampires call it the Cross of Ardaich: a relic thought to have been destroyed in the war between the Federation and the rebels. But it has been found, and its incredible powers could signal the end of civilization...

A cannibalistic serial killer becomes the perfect tool for the race of the Ubervampyr. His mission: find the cross. His reward: join the ranks of the undead. On his trail are Detective Joel Solomon and Vampire Federation agent Alex Bishop. Once lovers and now enemies, they must work together to prevent the ultimate disaster. Unless they can foil the vampyrs' plans, salvation for the race will be just a dream gone bad.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25