Stronger than Sin

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Stronger than Sin

Stronger than Sin starts with Dr. Liliana Carrera, respected Orthopedic doctor, working on finding a cure for her brother’s fiancée, Caterina. Caterina was injected with toxic non-human genes as part of a gene therapy to help combat her brain tumor by Wardwell Laboratories. Wardwell Laboratories has been performing human experiments to create superhuman beings and Liliana almost lost her life trying to fight this organization a few months prior. In the process of helping Caterina, Liliana is asked by the FBI to help another patient, Jesse Bradford. Jesse is an ex-NFL player who was forced to undergo Waldwell’s experimental gene therapy to help cure a bone disorder which ended his football career. Jesse’s side effects from the gene therapy include superhuman strength as well as periods of rage, aggression and violence. While the FBI and members of Wardwell’s remaining scientists are looking to exploit Jesse’s newfound abilities, Liliana’s attraction to Jesse grows and she begins to search for a way to protect both of their lives.

Stronger than Sin is the second novel about Wardwell Laboratories and can stand on its own if you haven’t read the first. Liliana was a breath of fresh air for me. Here is a respected Orthopedic doctor who is involved in this situation because family means everything to her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help her brother’s fiancée, Caterina, even if it means jeopardizing her own life. When she meets Jesse, she is instantly attracted to him and vice versa. He not only got involved with Waldwell to help find an answer to his genetic bone disorder, but also because his sister may be infected with the same disease and the experiments can help find a cure for her as well. Jesse’s transformation during the course of this novel was great to watch. He started as a typical famous football player who did things to excess and then became this caring, attentive man who treated Liliana as though she was a princess. This novel was an action-packed roller coaster ride that will have anyone hooked from the very first chapter and the ending was perfect for these two. I’m going to pick up the first one, Sins of the Flesh, just so I can read more about these great characters and I can't wait to read more from this author.

Book Blurb for Stronger than Sin

Dr. Liliana Carrera nearly lost her life to Wardwell scientists. She won't let them harm other innocent victims, like her new patient, Jesse Bradford. The former pro athlete had the best hands in the NFL . . . until an injury forced him to undergo Wardwell's experimental gene therapy. Now Jesse's gorgeous body is superhuman-but his strength comes at a price.

With Wardwell threatening his family, Jesse can't tell Liliana all he knows. Yet he can't resist her compassion . . . or her healing, erotic touch. As their passion flares, Jesse's body becomes dangerous and volatile. For evil men are plotting to change the face of humanity-and will destroy whoever stands in their way.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.75