Smoking Hot

Its Halloween night and Vanessa agrees to go on a blind date that her friend has set up for her. Vanessa is all prepared to dislike Sean Tierney on sight and is braced for a date from Hell. They both head out to a Halloween party that is being hosted at a friend's house to try and have a good time. Except things don't turn out the way they have planned and they will be lucky to escape this Halloween night with their lives.

When I first read the description for this story, I knew I had to read it. The premise was great, a first date at a Halloween party, where someone mistakenly opens a mysterious box covered with religious symbols. Then, this box releases a black smoke creature that was trapped inside and all hell breaks loose, literally. This story was fast-paced with quick-witted dialogue between Vanessa and Sean. The attraction between them was instantaneous and they handled this scary situation by having hot steamy sex everywhere in the house. Since this could possible be their last night alive, this situation became more of an aphrodisiac then being a stressful event, which is something I haven't read before. I thought it was pretty good story and it was refreshing to read something a little different for a change.

Book Blurb for Smoking Hot

Van really wants to dislike her blind date, on principle of course. So naturally she really likes Sean Tierney on sight. Her thoughts automatically go from zero to naughty when they meet. He’s a tall, green-eyed blond who drives a smoking-hot classic car.

Speaking of smoking hot, the Halloween party he takes her to turns into a nightmare. Not because it’s a blind date, but because the whole thing goes to hell when a ghost in the shape of evil black smoke starts taking out the guests. Van decides she’d like to live to see another date with sinfully handsome Sean and she learns there’s something to be said for life-affirming sex. Lots and lots of life-affirming, we-may-die-here-so-lets-do-it-while-we-can sex.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25