Sierra Falls

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Sierra Falls

In Sierra Falls, California, Sorrow Bailey has lived a life of responsibility. Left to take care of her family’s lodge after her father’s stroke, she has had to put her own dreams on hold at a young age. That all changes when the new sheriff comes to town and causes Sorrow to rethink her life. For sheriff Billy Preston, meeting Sorrow ignites something in him that he thought he lost after the death of his wife. The more time that Billy spends with Sorrow after a series of accidents at the family lodge makes them both realize that their lives could finally be filled with the happiness that they both deserve.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this novel was the sense of family and how the community came together when the Bailey family was having mysterious problems at the lodge. No questions asked, they just did what was needed. The town also wasn’t doing well as a whole so when Sorrow found letters from an ancestor that they could utilize to attract more tourists, everyone brainstormed to find ways to make this work for Sierra Falls.

I felt Sorrow’s sadness in this novel with putting her own dreams as a chef and to travel on hold to help the family business after her father’s stroke. She had given up so much and didn’t realize how much until she met Billy. Billy was older than Sorrow but they were both kindred spirits and they just seemed to complete each other. It was nice to read about love when you least expect it and she felt that now anything was possible. I was so glad that she got rid of her boyfriend, Damian, because he was basically just a rich jerk who felt that Sorrow couldn’t do anything without him and that was just irritating. The only complaint that I had with this novel was the pacing. It was a little slow in parts which made it hard to read at times but if readers keep going, they will find a very sweet small town romance.

Book Blurb for Sierra Falls

Sierra Falls, California, is one of those sleepy towns that people choose to leave. Sorrow Bailey chose to stay behind and run the struggling family lodge, but has always yearned for more. Things look up when she discovers a collection of letters from her three-times great grandmother and namesake, telling the story of a forbidden love affair.

Billy Preston is the new sheriff, a widower escaping the grief of his former life. He helps out after an accident at the Bailey lodge, and what begins as admiration for Sorrow's quiet strength quickly becomes more. When Sorrow's discovery brings fame to Sierra Falls and her dreams of a better life are within reach, one too many "accidents" have Billy wondering whether someone is willing to kill to keep them off the map...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00