Seductive as Flame

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Seductive as Flame

When Zelda MacKenzie first laid eyes on the dashing Alec Munro, she knew she was in for trouble. Alec's sexual prowess was legendary and his handsome looks meant that he could have any woman that he wanted. The two meet during a hunting weekend and Alec cannot take his eyes off of this red-haired beauty. He finds that she is fiercely independent and rumored to be a witch, this woman may be more than the notorious Earl of Dalgliesh could possible handle. Alec wants Zelda to be his next conquest and Zelda finds that she is agreeable to the idea. This libertine has met his match and this encounter may become more than just a casual fling for these lovers.

I was surprised when I started reading this novel, I thought I wouldn't like it all. Alec for one thing is married at the beginning of the story and it is known he has sexual encounters with other women while he is married. His wife does the same thing, and they are both in a loveless marriage of convenience. Alec and Zelda have great chemistry with one another and their love scenes were very sensual and exciting. I was very glad at the end of the novel that these two found their happy ending with one another and I could understand why women couldn't resist the charms of Alec Munro.

Book Blurb for Seductive as Flame

It was common gossip that there wasn't a woman alive safe from the seductive skills of Alec Munro, Earl of Dalgliesh. Except for Zelda MacKenzie, a magnificent, flame-haired Scottish beauty who makes it clear she has no interest in libertines.

How lovely, Alec thought. How irresistibly challenging.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.25