Ripe for Seduction

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Ripe for Seduction

The League of Second Sons

Lady Olivia Carlow has seen her share of scandal after the disastrous demise of her marriage and is looking forward to finding peace without ruining her reputation by the ton. When Roland Devere, London’s notorious rake, makes a drunken proposition to Lady Olivia, it gives her the idea that can help change her situation during the Season. With a little bit of blackmail, Roland agrees to be her fiancé until the Season is over and Lady Olivia will be free to live her life in peace. For Roland, he finally has the opportunity to win Lady Olivia’s heart and make their engagement real, but she will do everything in her power to avoid his wicked charms.

This is my first novel from Isobel Carr and I’m excited to read more from this talented author. Olivia was a delightful character that was taking advantage of a drunken mistake and using it to her benefit to prevent further scandal. The interesting thing about her and Roland’s story was that he has always been in love with her but because he was the “Second Son,” he felt that he would never be worthy of her heart. The two of them together were romantic, sexy and charismatic and I couldn’t help wanting her to fall in love with him as well.

The nice thing about this novel was that there were actually two love stories instead of just one. Lady Olivia’s father, Philip, was a widower, who wasn’t looking for love until Roland’s sister came to visit. Margo was such a fun character because she was considered scandalous as well in the eyes of the ton. I loved their scenes together because their romance was something that neither of them expected but their sexual chemistry was difficult to ignore.

I’m always the last to find these wonderful authors and I am looking forward to reading more in this “League of the Second Son” series. I am excited to read the first two in this series and see which characters are destined to find their own love story as well.

Book Blurb for Ripe for Seduction

The League of Second Sons

A secret society of younger sons, sworn to aid and abet each other, no matter the scandal or cost . . .

After the scandalous demise of her marriage, Lady Olivia Carlow knows the rakes of the ton will think her fair game. So when a letter arrives bearing an indecent offer from the incorrigible Roland Devere, she seizes the opportunity. Turning the tables on the notorious rogue, she blackmails him into playing her betrothed for the season. But no matter how broad his shoulders or chiseled his features, she will never fall prey to his suave charm.

When Roland boasted he'd be the first into Lady Olivia's bed, he couldn't have imagined that behind those brilliant blue eyes lurked a vixen with a scheme of her own. Still, Roland is not about to abandon his original wager. If anything, learning that the lovely Olivia is as bold as she is beautiful makes him more determined to seduce her into never saying "never" again.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00