Out of the Shadows

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Out of the Shadows

Clara Fitzgerald has been searching most of her life for answers regarding her family’s heritage. Her mother has always claimed that they were related to the great author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. Clara has been adrift in her own personal life with a fiancé that seems to take her for granted and struggling with a rocky relationship with her younger sister, Maxie. When Clara finally discovers evidence that could prove that these rumors are true, Clara decides to embark on a journey that could lead her to Mary Shelley’s lost journals. While researching the location of these journals, Clara meets famed Shelley biographer, Kay McNally, who helps Clara put together the pieces of her family’s history. Together, they continue on a quest that could not only help Clara discover her past, but also provide her with a brighter future for herself as well.

Out of the Shadows was a very thought-provoking novel for me. It is a character-driven tale focusing on Clara’s journey of self-discovery. At the beginning, Clara is basically a lost soul. She is an extremely intelligent woman who is in the shadows of her successful fiancé, Anthony, who is an up and coming geneticist. Anthony is in the process of working on a clinical drug that could hopefully cure cancer in the future. He has been moving from place to place, dragging Clara with him on the promises that life will be better once the drug goes into clinical trials. Clara, follows him blindly, believing in Anthony until the idea of actually getting married to him starts to disappear. Clara has been successful in her own right, publishing multiple research papers on Charles Darwin but sadly gives up on her own dreams for Anthony’s.

When a DNA test proves that she is related to Mary Shelley, Clara starts to come alive again. It was fascinating to see Clara’s transformation throughout this book. With the help of Kay, she is finally able to see the truth of what is happening around her and to start to become the person that she wants to be by novel’s end. This one will stay with you long after you have finished the last page.

Book Blurb for Out of the Shadows

A woman's unexpected connection to a nineteenth-century writer changes her life in the new novel from the author of Crossing Washington Square

Clara Fitzgerald's recent losses have set her adrift, personally and professionally. Remembering the stories her mother used to tell her, Clara decides to research her ancestry-only to uncover an extraordinary link to Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. With her sister in tow and the help of Kay, a retired Shelley scholar, Clara embarks on a search for the author's long lost journals and letters. As a bond among the three women grows, and as the profound connection between the past and present deepens, Clara comes closer to realizing where her heart truly belongs.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50