One Day in Apple Grove

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One Day in Apple Grove

Book 2 in the Small Town USA Series

Jack Gannon has come home to Apple Grove to take over his father’s medical practice and put the guilt of his military career behind him. Throwing himself into his work, he is able to have a somewhat normal life until a little bundle of black fur named Jameson turns his world upside down and into the path of Caitlin Mulcahy.

Caitlin is trying desperately to keep her head above water handling the majority of jobs at her family business since her older sister, Meg, is out on maternity leave. One night, out on a country road after finishing for the day, she runs into Jack and an adorable puppy that he found on the side of the road. Since Jack is busy with his practice during the day, Caitlin agrees to help him take care of the little guy until they can find his rightful owner.

As Caitlin and Jack team together to take care of Jameson, they find that they have more in common than they originally thought and Jack hopes that Caitlin is the key to help him deal with his past. Caitlin would love to build a life with Jack, if only he will tell her the secret that he has been hiding from her. Hopefully, Jack can put his past behind him so he can finally have the life and love that he has always wanted here in Apple Grove.

One Day in Apple Grove was a very sweet small town romance that will tug at your heartstrings. Jack is a genuinely nice guy that is trying to do the right thing but is plagued by nightmares and guilt from his experience as a Navy Medic. Meeting Caitlin was the best thing that happened to him because she brought light into the world of darkness that he seemed to be living in. She was so caring and there was absolutely nothing that was going to scare her away from her relationship with Jack. They just needed to communicate with one another and Jack needed to find help to deal with the events that happened in the war. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I am looking forward to reading more about the town of Apple Grove.

Book Blurb for One Day in Apple Grove

Caitlin Mulchahy doesn't have much time for socializing now that her sisters' handyman business is thriving. For Dr. Jack Gannon—former Marine medic—keeping the residents of Apple Grove healthy is a welcome distraction from the haunting memories of his time served in Iraq. Although the two have lived in the same small town their whole lives, Cait and Jack barely know each other. That is until a stray puppy leads them to the same place at the same time. But it will take more than one adorable canine to get these two together—it'll take a whole town.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00