My Lady Rival

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My Lady Rival

Belgrave Square Affair #1

Alex Laurie has worked hard to bring his family to the wealthy middle class and hopes to secure their place in London society by purchasing a home in the prestigious Belgrave Square. In charge of running the family dye-making business, Alex is also hoping to obtain the secret information regarding the dye color used to create the Queen’s dress in a famous portrait. This information is so highly guarded that any textile company that recreates the precious dye will be guaranteed success.

Willa Stratton is the daughter of Laurie’s rival and she is desperate to discover the dye information before Alex to help her father’s business. The two have a history with one another and each time they meet sparks fly. Only one of them can have the secret dye information and it is a race to see who can get it first. They also may get more than they bargained for as the attraction between them builds every time they are around each other.

I thought that this was a very enjoyable read but my only complaint with the story was that there didn’t seem to be a lot of romance between the two main characters. Alex and Willa have a love/hate relationship and I expected there to be more sparks between the two whenever they were together. I just didn’t feel that chemistry until almost the end of the book where the romance seemed rushed and I was disappointed about that. The story itself was great and I loved the secondary characters especially Alex’s sisters who made me laugh whenever they appeared in the story. The romance didn’t work for me but I would still recommend this book because other aspects of this story are worth reading.

Book Blurb for My Lady Rival

In this tantalizing new novel of untold wealth, unbridled privilege, and unspeakable scandals, a family shakes the very foundation of proper Victorian Society—and sets the bluebloods to blushing..

When the wealthy middle-class Laurie family purchases a home in exclusive Belgrave Square, London Society is aghast. After all, the consensus is that they're nothing but lowborn commoners-a family of nouveau riche daring to marry into the aristocracy. Others believe it's an attempt to prove that their wealth makes them equal to nobility. Only one thing is certain: Belgrave Square will never be the same again.

Upon his father's death, Alexander Laurie feels the best way to provide his family with the privileges they deserve and secure their business is to establish ties with the London ton. And the best way to do it is by marrying an aristocratic bride. But when his business rival's beautiful daughter—the one person who can destroy his plans—appears in London, Alex must defeat her attempts at sabotage.even if that means stealing kisses from the enemy.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50