Moonlight and Magick

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Moonlight and Magick

Lilian was working as a waitress in a small town diner when she meets tall, gorgeous, Matthias, the leader of the biker gang in town.  She has a secret to hide and is on the run from special agents that are trying to use her for her supernatural abilities.  Matthias is instantly attracted to Lilian and will do anything to protect her from getting captured.  He has his own secrets, one being that he is the Alpha of the local werewolf community. Also, it seems that someone else from Lilian’s past is out to get her, either to bring her to the clutches of the Custodes Secreti group or do harm to her himself.

This story had me hooked from the very beginning.  I felt sorry for Lilian because she grew up having no one after witnessing her mother’s death at the hands of her stepfather at a young age.  To be that alone in the world and always looking over your shoulder would kill me.  In comes Matthias, who is the leader of the local biker gang, willing to do anything to protect her after just meeting her, made me swoon.  I wish there were more men out there in the world like him.  He introduced her to his family and gave her a place that she could call home, at a time when she wasn’t sure where she belonged.  Lilian was a very strong heroine that was used to taking care of herself.  She was trained to fight as well as any soldier and with her telepathic and telekinetic abilities, she was a force to be reckoned with.

To me, Moonlight and Magick was a great story. The author did a fantastic job developing these characters and drawing you into the mystery as to who Lilian really was and why the members of the organization, Custodes Secreti, were so determined to get their hands on her.  The action and suspense storyline involving this secret organization after Lilian for her special abilities was better than some of the movies that I have seen in the theater lately.  I hope this author continues with these characters in the future because I wanted to spend more time in this world and I didn’t want Lilian and Matthias’s story to end.

Book Blurb for Moonlight and Magick

All she wanted was a quiet, normal life...but you don't always get what you want. 
Lilian Quinn came to this remote town to start a new life. No one knew she had escaped from Custodes Secreti, a secret organization dedicated to using people with strange abilities for their own ends. All she wanted was a quiet, normal existence. Even if it meant living a lie.
Matthias Romulus was content to be the Alpha werewolf of the local pack, until he bumped into Lilian. Powerfully drawn to her, he stepped in to help her when the Custodes Secreti tracked her down. He didn't know she was trained in much more than waiting tables.
With Lilian's murderous ex-boyfriend coming after her and secret agents on her trail, the strange dreams she's been having are only the beginning. Matthias has problems of his own with his pack giving ultimatums. Can a psychic woman and an alpha wolf come together to resolve the issues of their hearts -- and the issues of their continued survival? 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50