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Love Bites

Vampyres of Hollywood II

In the bright lights of Hollywood, Ovsanna Moore is the queen of the silver screen. Producing a string of popular horror films for her company, Anticipation studios, as well as being a top leading lady, Ovsanna seems to have it all. Behind the beautiful face and intelligent mind, she is harboring a deadly secret. Ovsanna has been a vampire for five centuries and has spent the last hundred years acting in Hollywood.

Peter King, a handsome police detective, has just closed a big case involving a serial killer called the “Cinema Slayer” with the help of Ovsanna, that has been terrorizing the Hollywood community for months. In the conclusion of that thrilling case, Ovsanna and Peter realized that they have growing feelings for each other and were just about to embark on their first real date to discover where a possible future together may lead them. In the process of preparing for that first date, Ovsanna is attacked outside her home by a large werewolf, the likes that she hasn’t seen before. After a lengthy battle, Ovsanna is relatively unharmed and the mysterious werewolf escapes into the night. It looks as though someone is still out to harm Ovsanna and now it's up to Peter and her to find out the truth before another creature comes back to finish the job

I was very excited to read this novel after reading Ms. Barbeau’s first novel “Vampyres of Hollywood” and to see the continuation of Ovsanna and Peter’s story after dealing with the deadly “Cinema Slayer.” This novel is action-packed from the very first chapter and seems to grab the reader into the story. Ovsanna appears to be the typical Hollywood actress on the outside but seems to have so many different layers to her character that was just refreshing to read. I’ve read several vampire novels in the past where the main vampire character has lost their humanity due to their immortality. They have forgotten what it feels like to be human and Ovsanna hasn’t lost that part of her personality, which is treat, especially watching her struggle for two hours on what to wear on a first date. Peter and Ovsanna have great chemistry together and I understood his internal struggle as to how far he should continue being involved in a relationship with her. It would be very difficult wondering how far you could trust a vampire.

This was a great sequel to her previous novel which provided many laugh-out loud moments involving her band of Hollywood Vampyres that included many familiar faces from the golden age of the silver screen. I also enjoyed the mention of another actor, Tom Atkins, as a supporting character that was included in a secondary storyline with Ovsanna’s assistant, Maral. This book left me breathless and wanting more from the Hollywood Vampyres.

Book Blurb for Love Bites

With her customary wit and dead-on satire, Barbeau skewers Hollywood and vamp lit alike, casting the paparazzi as werewolves and certain Hollywood “monsters” as the genuine article

Ovsanna Moore is a Hollywood siren, horror film legend, and cut throat producer. She also happens to be a 450-year-old vampyre. In the follow-up to the much acclaimed Vampyres of Hollywood, Adrienne Barbeau paints a wonderfully sly portrait of cinematic vampyres, as well as the nature of celebrity, and the entertainment industry. Her “Scream Queen” credentials make her the only author who could combine such a fastpaced, edgy plot with tongue-in-cheek references to the inner workings and vanity of Hollywood. A whirlwind of action, Love Bites is a clever take on vampyres readers will never forget.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00