Kiss Me If You Can

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Kiss Me If You Can

Sam “Coop” Cooper is a newspaper reporter that just happens to be at the right place at the right time to apprehend a thief in the robbery of a jewelry store.  As a reward, the jewelry storeowner lets him pick out a ring as a way of saying thank you.  Embarrassed with all the attention that he is receiving, Sam picks out what he thinks is the ugliest ring possible, just to leave the situation.  Later that day, Lexie Davis, watches the story about Coop on the news and notices that the ring he has chosen looks similar to the necklace that her grandmother, Charlotte, always wears.  Since Charlotte is coming up on her 80th birthday, Lexie sets out to convince Coop to sell her the ring so she can give it to her grandmother.  The only problem is that because of Sam’s heroics at the jewelry store, he is also chosen as the most popular bachelor in the local “Bachelor Blog” of the newspaper.  So, not only is Lexie trying to get a hold of him, so are most of the single female population of New York.

I really enjoyed this novel, the story was very fast-paced and light-hearted which provided a perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Carly Phillips seems to have a way of pulling the reader into the story with her writing and doesn’t seem to let you go until the very end. This novel had great romantic scenes between Lexie and Coop that ended with lots of hot, steamy sex.  It was also interesting to watch how their romance played out because each of them had their own baggage from previous relationships to deal with as they tried to keep things between them casual.  Lexie loved to travel as a way of leaving any stressful situations behind while Coop refused to travel because of his experiences with an ex-wife.  It was fun watching these two completely different personalities trying to come together and create a great relationship.  This just reminds me that each relationship has to have a little bit of compromise by both parties to make it work.  And when it does work, its magic.

Book Blurb for Kiss Me If You Can

He's New York's Most Eligible Bachelor ...
She's just not interested! 
Sam Cooper ("Coop") has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. After foiling a jewelry store robbery, and being rewarded with the ring of his choice, single women all over the city are fawning over the crime reporter. But Coop isn’t interested in the admirers sending racy underwear his way. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman in the city who claims not to be interested in his bachelor status. 
Instead free-spirited Lexie is more interested in Coop's antique ring, and its (potentially scandalous) history in her family. But Coop is quickly becoming more than just her route to the ring. When Coop’s investigation starts to uncover the truth, will she trust her heart – and her family secrets – to this most eligible bachelor?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50