Dreams of Desire

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Dreams of Desire

A Novel of Sensual Destiny, Book 3

Lily Lambert detests John Middleton, Earl of Penworth on sight. Even though he is extremely handsome for an aristocrat, she doesn’t like the pompous, arrogant man that the Ford Agency has sent her to interview with. Except Lily has no choice in the matter, she is broke and in need of a job, even if it means being the companion to Lord Penworth’s eighteen-year-old twins, that are currently in his charge. Lily has second thoughts about this job, but agrees to accompany the troupe to Scotland and be the companion to the horribly spoiled twins who conspire to do her harm whenever Lord Penworth’s back is turned.

The night before embarking on her journey, she meets Philippe Dubois, whose caravan is parked on the side of the road selling potions and cures for whatever ailed you. He sells Lily his famous “Spinster’s Cure,“ which he explains that when she drinks this elixir she is to focus on the man of her dreams and that person will fall in love with her. Lily decides to use this potion while on her journey to Scotland and decides that Captain Bramwell would be the object of her desire and suitable for her future husband. Lord Penworth interrupts Lily in the middle of the process and the potion affects the two of them instead. For Lily, this is the worst imaginable situation. Lord Penworth is betrothed to another, Violet, who just happens to be on the journey with them to Scotland. Lily can’t help her feelings of attraction now to Lord Penworth and sparks fly whenever the two of them are in the same company. She knows that Lord Penworth won’t marry below his station and Lily is planning for this liaison to end badly and break her heart in the process.

Lily is such a spitfire in this book and I loved the fact that she didn’t back down in the presence of Lord Penworth. He was so used to people doing whatever he said without argument and it was fun watching him get flustered around Lily. I got irritated with John around the middle of the book because he was surely in love with Lily and didn’t want her to leave his side no matter what, but he wouldn’t end his engagement to Violet because he was so worried about appearances. I’m glad that he finally realized that appearances meant nothing as long as you were happy with the one you were with.

The secondary characters of this novel made the novel for me. I loved Philippe aka Phillip Dudley who acted like a big brother to Lily. He seemed to genuinely care about her wellbeing when no one else seemed to. The eighteen-year-old twins, Melanie and Miranda, I personally wanted to drown them myself. They were so spoiled and the things they did to Lily were deplorable. I couldn’t wait for them to get theirs and I liked how things ended for them.

I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite novels this year and I can definitely see myself reading it over and over again.

Book Blurb for Dreams of Desire

The third Novel of Sensual Destiny tells the intoxicating story of an innocent lady's companion, who drinks a magical potion-and is swept into a dangerous relationship of decadent desire.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00