Dead Is Just a Rumor

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Dead Is Just a Rumor

Nightshade, California is gearing up to celebrate its 200th anniversary with a Halloween party at the creepy Wilder House and Daisy Giordano is in charge of these festivities with her best friend, Samantha.  Daisy isn’t your typical teen, she comes from a psychic family with her own paranormal abilities while living in a community where the majority of the population have their own supernatural talents.  But, just before the big event, everyone in town starts receiving mysterious blackmail notes stating "I know what you are."  This leads Daisy and her werewolf boyfriend, Ryan, on a quest as to who is the blackmailer while trying to stay away from the watchful eye of her overprotective father.

I love this series!!  When I heard that Marlene Perez was coming out with another book about the citizens of Nightshade, I was very excited and she doesn’t disappoint with this one.  Daisy is just beginning to understand her telekinetic powers and is ready to enjoy life as a senior before heading off to college at UC Nightshade next year.  Except things don’t exactly turn out the way that Daisy wants them to.  Her father has returned from being held captive by the anti-paranormal group, Scourge, and is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his family grew up without him.  He becomes very overprotective of Daisy and her romantic relationship with Ryan, which leads to many scenes of conflict between the father and daughter.  Then, Daisy wins cooking lessons with the famous chef, Circe Silvertongue, but these lessons turn into Daisy being more of a servant to the chef than providing her with actual cooking skills.

I really enjoy reading these novels because you feel as though you belong in this community and I loved following Daisy and her family on their continuing adventures.  This book is fast-paced, filled with mystery and romance that will keep you guessing as to who is the blackmailer until the very end.  I can’t wait until the next one because I‘m sure it will be just as good as this one.

Book Blurb for Dead Is Just a Rumor

As the creepy little town of Nightshade prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary—on Halloween, of course—many of its paranormal residents are receiving mysterious blackmail letters. Psychic teen Daisy Giordano and her sisters set out to find out who is behind the threats. But launching an investigation isn’t easy for Daisy with her overprotective father watching her every move. Though she’s is happy to have him back after the years he spent being held captive by an anti-paranormal group called the Scourge, Dad is having difficult time adjusting to home life—and the fact that his little girl is now a senior in high school. He even disapproves of Daisy’s boyfriend, Ryan.
Can their relationship take the strain?
And Daisy’s got even more on her plate: A talented amateur chef, she has won cooking lessons with celebrity chef Circe Silvertongue. After nosing around (with a little help from Circe’s pet pig), Daisy begins to suspect the temperamental chef’s secrets aren’t only in her ingredients. . . .
The fourth installment in this favorite series is full of surprises and scares!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75