Coronets and Steel

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Coronets and Steel

Kim Murray has always been close to her grandmother. Her grandmother came from Paris as a young girl with an infant and no money to her name to start a new life. Kim never knew the name of the handsome man that was in a picture frame next to her grandmother’s bed, but she is going to find out. One day, Kim’s grandmother becomes very ill with fever and says to Kim “ your mother is too gentle and I can’t send her to heal the breach” and then doesn’t speak a word again. This leads Kim on a mission with her parent’s blessings to Vienna to research the history of her family. While in Vienna, strange things start to happen and Kim believes she is being followed. After attending a ballet, she meets Alec, who seems to act as though they know each other. The next day, she keeps running into Alec wherever she turns, and before she knows it, she has been drugged and awakens on a train. Alec seems convinced that she is someone else and when he finds out that she isn’t his missing fiancée, he apologizes. They both agree to set out to find his missing fiancée and in turn find out about Kim’s mysterious lineage to help her ailing grandmother.

This was one of those books that I had to start and stop a couple of times. The beginning seemed to drag for me and it was hard to get involved in the story. After the initial few chapters, things started to pick and it became an enjoyable read for me. I liked Alec, because he genuinely felt that Kim was his missing fiancée and that she was playing a game with him. He was shocked when he discovered that Kim wasn’t his fiancée and was determined to help Kim in her journey anyway. Kim takes a while to grow on you due to her initially acting like a brat. That changes as the story evolves. I liked this book a lot, but you just have to get through the initial slow parts before things start to pick up.

Book Blurb for Coronets and Steel

In this new fantasy series, a young woman takes her own destiny by the hand-and the hilt.

California girl Kim Murray is unsatisfied with grad school and restless in life. Modern men disappoint her, and she studies ballet and fencing because they remind her of older, more romantic times.

She lives with her parents and her beloved but secretive aristocratic grandmother, who speaks only French and refuses to share stories about the mysterious family she left behind in Europe, inspiring Kim to travel there and find her roots.

Kim soon finds herself swept up in an adventure of fantastic deceptions and passionate intrigue-and a shocking realization about her own bloodline that leaves her reeling.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.25