Chapter & Hearse

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Chapter & Hearse

A Booktown Mystery

Tricia Miles is the owner of a mystery bookstore in Stoneham, New Hampshire, who has a talent for solving mysteries as well as selling them. Her older sister, Angelica, has just published a cookbook and is kicking off the first leg of her book tour at Tricia's store when a nearby gas explosion rocks the neighborhood. Tricia discovers that this explosion has not only injured Angelica's boyfriend, Bob Kelly, but has killed the owner of the local history bookstore.

Angelica is unable to cancel her book tour and pleads with Tricia to watch over her boyfriend until she can return. Tricia isn't a big fan of Bob, but agrees to keep an eye on him as well as Angelica's other business for the duration of the book tour. When mysterious things start to happen to Bob and Tricia seems to find more questions than answers, she starts to investigate. What she finds is that Bob may have been the intended target for the explosion and Tricia may soon become the killer's next victim.

I love the "Booktown Mysteries" and this is a great installment to the series! I enjoy Tricia's character and how she always seems to find herself involved in these mysteries while being the town's "jinx." It is nice to get reacquainted with these characters and see how their lives have developed since the beginning of the series. I'm looking forward to reading more in the next book about Tricia and Angelica and what trouble they always seem to find themselves in.

Book Blurb for Chapter & Hearse

Mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles has been spending more time solving whodunits than reading them. Now a nearby gas explosion has injured Tricia's sister's boyfriend, Bob Kelly, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, and killed the owner of the town's history bookstore. Tricia's never been a fan of Bob, but when she reads that he's being tight-lipped about the "accident", it's time to take action.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50