Catch of a Lifetime

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Catch of a Lifetime

A Cricket Creek Novel

Many years ago, Jessica Robinson came to Cricket Creek, Kentucky, scared and alone after discovering that she was pregnant as a teenager. Her aunt, Myra, helped her through that rough time and Jessica has now become a successful chef among the culinary institutions of Chicago. When her aunt needed help to turn around her own restaurant, Wine and Diner, Jessica and her daughter, Madison, dropped everything to come to her aid. Ty McKenna has also put everything on the line to open a baseball stadium and bring tourism and hope back to the struggling small town of Cricket Creek. He remembers Jessica as the beautiful talented chef in Chicago and can’t believe his luck when he discovers that Jessica has moved back home. Jessica is afraid to take a chance on love because all it ever leads to is pain and regret. Ty isn’t about to give up on happiness and he will do whatever it takes to win Jessica’s heart.

LuAnn McLane has created a delightful small-town romance in Catch of a Lifetime that just captivates your heart and has you rooting for these charming characters. Ty and Jessica were wonderful in this novel and I kept wanting Jessica to just let down her guard and take a chance on Ty. They both deserved happiness after all the work they had put in to make their professional lives successful. There was also a secondary love story between Jessica’s friend, Bella and a young baseball player named Logan that was very steamy. The romance and chemistry involved between her characters was perfect and left me wanting to know more about the inhabitants of this small town. I thoroughly enjoyed this romance and I know that readers will want to spend more time with these handsome baseball players. This is the second in the series of Cricket Creek and Pitch Perfect is the next book in this series. I have already pre-ordered it and am looking forward to reading what happens next in Cricket Creek.

Book Blurb for Catch of a Lifetime

Top Chicago chef Jessica Robinson is back in Cricket Creek-and making her aunt's diner the go-to place for comfy gourmet fare. Former major leaguer Ty McKenna is no stranger to Jessica's cooking. At the Chicago hotspot where she worked, he was a regular-with a different girl on his arm every night. Now he's the manager for the Cricket Creek Cougars. And convincing the mouthwatering chef that's a one-woman man may be harder than getting his team ready for opening day.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50