Blood Spirits

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Blood Spirits

Kim Murray wanted desperately to forget the events that occurred last summer in Dobrenica where she learned that she had a twin cousin and her family was descended from royalty. On this European adventure, Kim met Alec and fell in love with the man that was destined to marry her twin cousin, Ruli and to rule the kingdom of Dobrenica. Determined to make things right, Kim left Europe and let Alec marry Ruli even though the couple didn't want to marry each other but did anyways for the greater good of the kingdom.

Kim now is working as a French teacher in Oklahoma away from her family and away from the memories that tear at her heart. Returning home for the holidays to her family, she discovers that her mother is in Europe meeting her long-lost family and that her father and grandmother are slated to join her in the next couple of days. Kim decides at the last minute to join her family in visiting her relatives in hopes of putting some of these unresolved issues to rest. At the airport, Kim sees an apparition of her twin cousin, Ruli, asking for her help and Kim knows that this isn't going to be a normal family reunion. Kim can see ghosts and she is afraid that things aren't what they seem in Dobrenica. She finds out that Alec and Ruli were involved in a car crash where Ruli was found dead on the scene and Alec slightly injured with no recollection of the events before the crash. Kim tries desperately to clear Alec's name and find out the truth behind Ruli's death but she is soon fighting for her life because there is more to this situation that meets the eye.

When I received "Blood Spirits" for review, I had to go back and read "Coronets and Steel" to familiarize myself with Kim's story. I forgot that I had a difficult time getting through the first novel because it was weighed down with a lot of history and descriptions to get to the heart of the story. Blood Spirits wasn't like the first novel at all. From the very first page, I was swept into the story and I was so interested in what happened to Kim next in the mysterious kingdom of Dobrenica. I enjoyed Kim's character in this sequel because she wasn't so bratty and seemed to have matured from her previous experiences. I enjoyed the mystical aspects of the story with Kim being able to see ghosts and being able to see the past. The vampires were a bonus as well. I enjoyed this book immensely and was glad that Kim finally got her happy ending after all.

Book Blurb for Blood Spirits

Everyone's favorite sword-wielding California girl returns-from the author of Coronets and Steel.

With the man she loves set to marry a look-alike princess, Kim Murray returns to California from the magical country of Dobrenica to heal her broken heart. But family politics soon have her leaving for London, where she is forced into a duel with a Dobrenican nobleman. He reveals that her great sacrifice, leaving Alec, was a disaster. To fix her mistake, Kim returns to Dobrenica, but what she finds there is far more shocking and dangerous than she ever imagined. Not just politics and personalities but ghosts and magic, murder and mystery, await her as she struggles to understand the many faces of love. Once again Kim has to take sword in hand as she tries to make peace and learn the truth. Only, whose truth?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50