An Affair with Mr. Kennedy

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An Affair with Mr. Kennedy

The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard

Zeno “Zac” Kennedy is a Scotland Yard detective, driven and focused on finding the culprits behind a series of deadly bombings in London which took the life of a loved one three years ago. Zeno believes that these bombings are the work of the Bloody Four, prominent men in society that want to start a revolution that would cripple the city. During the course of his investigation he discovers that his new tenant, Cassandra St. Cloud, is acquainted with the suspected members of the Bloody Four. Determined to know more about his lovely new neighbor, Zeno enlists her help with his investigation by using her connections. Zeno realizes that he has met his match with the beautiful Cassandra and the passion that ignites between them leads them to a romantic love affair with an intensity that neither of them imagined.

I love this time period and I am fascinated with anything involving Scotland Yard so I jumped at the chance to read this book. Jillian Stone did a wonderful job with describing the time period that you could almost hear the carriages on the cobblestone streets. Zeno was an interesting character for me and it took a while to understand his motives. He was very stoic and didn’t show a lot of emotions when presented with things until he met the lovely Cassandra. She was such a free-spirit by being a widowed artist, that she even took the occasional cigar from time to time, which would have been absolutely scandalous if discovered by her peers. I loved that she wasn’t interested in marriage but was open to having a lover or two. I adored her and enjoyed her scenes immensely. The two of them together was perfect and you could see Cassie pulling Zeno out of his shell just by being in his presence.

The mystery regarding the Bloody Four was a perfect backdrop to this story and provided the right amount of tension for these characters. Jillian Stone is a new favorite for me and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next in Dangerous Liaison.

Book Blurb for An Affair with Mr. Kennedy

London, 1887. Part stoic gentleman, part fearless Yard man, Zeno “Zak” Kennedy is an enigma of the first order. For years, the memory of a deadly bombing at King’s Cross has haunted the brilliant Scotland Yard detective. His investigation has zeroed in on a ring of aristocratic rebels whose bloody campaign for Irish revolution is terrorizing the city. When he discovers one of the treacherous lords is acquainted with his free-spirited new tenant, Cassandra St. Cloud, his inquiry pulls him unexpectedly close to the heart of the conspiracy—and into the arms of a most intriguing lady. Cassie is no Victorian prude. An impressionist painter with very modern ideas about life and love, she is eager for a romantic escapade that is daring and discreet. She sets her sights on her dour but handsome landlord, but after she learns their meeting was not purely accidental, she hardly has a chance to forgive her lover before their passionate affair catapults them both into a perilous adventure.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50