An Accidental Seduction

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An Accidental Seduction

Savaana Hearnes is a beautiful young gypsy that spends most of her days performing in a traveling caravan around the countryside. All she has ever known is the gypsy life, since she was abandoned by her mother and younger sister and sent to live with their ailing grandfather at a very young age. One day, Lady Clarette Tilmont, who holds a striking resemblance to Savaana approaches her with a proposition. Savaana just has to pose as Lady Tilmont for a week while Lord Tilmont is away and in return receive money to purchase medicine for her ailing grandfather. Savaana agrees, since this would just be another performance for her. What she doesn’t expect is meeting handsome, Sean Gallagher, who was sent by Lord Tilmont to seduce Lady Tilmont to prove that she would be unfaithful. Sean is immediately attracted to Savaana and she begins to have a difficult time keeping up the charade whenever Sean is around. As time passes, Sean starts to doubt the identity of Lady Tilmont and if Savaana can’t keep up the performance, her life will be in grave danger.

Savaana was such a fun free-spirited character that only wanted to help her ailing grandfather and hopefully someday discover the truth about her heritage. She never expected to meet a gorgeous man such as Sean. That left her tongue-tied whenever he was around. Sean didn’t expect to fall for Savaana, he was just sent there to do a job and obtain justice for his younger brother, who was once spurned by the real Lady Tilmont. The interaction between these two characters was hilarious. Some of the scenes were laugh-out loud funny with Sean getting flustered with Savaana and Savaana having a hard time keeping up the charade as Lady Tilmont around the sexy Irishman. This is a great romantic novel with a very sweet ending. I'm looking forward to reading more by Lois Greiman.

Book Blurb for An Accidental Seduction

When she submits, heart and body, to the rogue's desires, it will be no accident. . .

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50