A Taste For Scandal

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A Taste For Scandal

A Sealed With a Kiss Novel, #2

Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh, has had everything handed to him in life and could have any woman that he desired until he meets the lovely Miss Jane Bunting. Jane wants nothing to do with the dashing Lord Raleigh and sees him as a privileged cad who would use his wealth to get what he wants. Even it means getting out of trouble with officials after accidentally destroying her shop. Richard sees Jane as a challenge and is determined to get to know this beautiful little baker better and offers a proposal to help remedy her situation. She will teach Richard and his sister, Beatrice, how to bake in exchange for payment to repair her shop. What the two never expected to find was that once they knew each other, they kindled a spark that had them wanting more. Will their relationship lead to scandal for Jane or could their budding romance be exactly what they both have been looking for?

A Taste for Scandal is the second book in the Sealed with a Kiss series and I loved this book so much more than the first. Erin creates wonderful female characters that you want to see find their happy endings and Jane Bunting is one of my favorites so far. I loved her strength and determination to keep her bakery running while raising her younger brother after her parent’s death and not backing down because she wasn’t considered part of the ton. She wasn’t intimidated by Lord Raleigh when he came into her shop to “help” her one day and ended up destroying her shop in the process. To make amends, Richard hires Jane to teach him and his younger sister to bake with hilarious results. I liked their scenes together and I could definitely see how these two very different people could fall madly in love with one another. It was also nice to see Richard go from a scandalous rake who thought of women only as entertainment, to a honorable young man looking for a perfect wife.

Erin Knightley is a fresh voice in historical romance that will sweep you away with her snappy dialogue and tender-hearted love stories. She is an author to watch and each story will leave you wanting more. I’m anxiously awaiting her next novel but I will be happy rereading the first two in the series and rediscovering how Jane and Richard fell in love while learning to bake her infamous chocolate biscuits.

Book Blurb for A Taste For Scandal


Things have always fallen into place for Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh. His good looks, abundance of charm, and the small matter of being heir to a marquisate make him quite the catch. So when a delectable young woman wants nothing to do with him, he can’t help but seize the irresistible challenge.


Jane Bunting knows all about responsibility—she has managed to support herself and her brother with their bakery—but she knows nothing of excitement or passion. When dashing Lord Raleigh crosses the threshold of her shop, she has no idea of the potential danger to her reputation…or to her heart.


Neither imagined things would go so far—until the night their worlds collide, irrevocably changing both their lives. But when duty calls for Richard, and with everything Jane's worked for suddenly at stake, will their taste for scandal be their downfall?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 5.00