Night Thief

A Night Series Novella

An immortal, a man with an animal spirit, Kane Bordeaux is definitely not a man to be reckoned with. Tall with broad shoulders, he would stand out in any crowds, and his dashing good looks, sure charm the ladies of the ton. But to Kane, there is only one woman, Le Voleur D’or, the Golden Thief. But what does a Night Walker have in common with a human, a deranged and evil vampire. Protector of the city, Kane walks the street at night, feeding on those who prey on others, who are a waste of space to society. But can Marguerite Rousseau trust this creature? He walks the night like she walks under the sun light, could he be seducing her into his lair? And would she be willing to trade herself from one puppet master to another?

Night Thief has all the excitement and adventures I look for in a book. As an up-coming author, Ms. Kessler has out done herself in this installment of the Night Walker series. It was masterfully written and plotted. For those who are looking for sensual PNR romance, I definitely recommend the Night Walker series. You get danger, adventures, and true love, a modern day happy-ever-after.

Book Blurb for Night Thief

After the fall of the Mayan civilization, Kane, an immortal Night Walker, has taken refuge in France for over 800 years. The modern world holds little interest for him until the night he meets the Golden Thief and is robbed of much more than his pocket watch.

Marguerite Rousseau is living a double life. By day she is the assistant to an eccentric French artist, Antoine Berjon, and by night she dons elegant evening gowns to woo French dignitaries before lifting their wallets.

Sparks ignite when Kane captures the thief, but Marguerite harbors a dark secret that could ruin them both.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00