When the Sun Sets

Catherine Lancaster aka Cat Luster to her many erotic romance readers is in a jam. She is having a hard time finishing her latest book. After all, trying to write an erotic romance novel after having her heart broken by her fiancé is no easy task! What Catherine needed was a change in scenery, not to be reminded of her fiancé at every turn of her head. So, when her agent let her borrow her cabin in the country to finish her book, Catherine took off for the woods. Now, all she needed was to relax a little, clear her mind, and start to think of her dream man. The same dream man from her vivid imagination that has been her inspiration for all her erotic fantasies and her erotic writing for years.

Tobias Knight is a centuries old vampire who has seen and done it all over the years. But, the one thing, or rather the one person he would love to see is gone forever, his one true love, Seraphina or is she? When he encounters on of the Granger clan, whom are vampire hunters and of the same family that killed Seraphina, he is shocked to find in the Granger’s possession a picture of Seraphina. The picture is on the back of an erotic romance book of all things. How can this be? Had his beloved been reincarnated? If so, then she is in serious danger from the Grangers. Tobias knows that he must protect her at all costs!

Will Tobias be able to keep himself and Catherine safe from the Grangers? Will Catherine believe Tobias’ wild tale of reincarnation and vampires? If she does, will their love be strong enough to conquer their enemies this time?

Anastasia Maltezos has written a beautiful tale of lost love with “When the Sun Sets”! In this amazing tale you will find yourself clinging to the beliefs that real true love never dies and that forgiveness cleanses the soul!

“When the Sun Sets” is a romantic read that takes the reader on a journey of the heart and soul! You will find yourself immersed in the depths of this soul-searing story the second you pick it up and start reading! I am looking forward to reading more of Anastasia Maltezos’ wondrous works of art in the future and to see where she will take us next with her magical and passionate pen!

Reviewer, Janean Sparks

Book Blurb for When the Sun Sets

Catherine Lancaster…aka Cat Luster, as her fans know her, is an erotic romance writer. Her creativity is fueled by a fantasy lover. It is thoughts of him that help her create one bestseller after another. She just wished she knew if he was a figment of her over active imagination or someone she knew in another lifetime. She discovers the truth when a dark and sinuously handsome stranger saves her life. Tobias promises her vampire love—the most erotic love of all.
Tobias Knight is a four hundred year old vampire who, while in the fight of his life against vampire hunters, discovers the Cat Luster of literary fame is Seraphina, the woman he loved and lost to death— centuries before. Now, once again, she is hunted by those who would see her dead, and Tobias must protect her at all costs. Even if it means giving up his own existence to save hers.
Love is the key but Tobias and Catherine must find a way to salvage their past lives and love, as well as forestall the promise of a grim future in When The Sun Sets.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00