Waltz Me Through Time

Juliana Douglas is a very sweet young woman who is very happy with her life. She owns her own antique shop and has a great boyfriend. Life is just about perfect or so she thinks. Until Stanley Caldwell waltzes into her shop and claims she is his missing wife from the year 1902!

Stanley Caldwell knows Juliana is his wife, whom he lost over a hundred years ago while they were time traveling. Now, he must convince Juliana he is telling her the truth and get her to fall back in love with him. He must also help her to remember their life together, before she boots him to the curb for that so called boyfriend of hers. Or before she finds him a room in the local nut house. Will Juliana stay with her boyfriend? Or will she finally remember Stanley, and get to waltz through time with him forever

“Waltz Me Through Time” is a very romantic book, that you will find yourself picking up and reading over and over again! The pure love Stanley feels for Juliana leaps right off the pages and into your heart! These are two people who belong together, in whatever time they find themselves in!

Eileen Ann Brennan does not miss a beat with this masterpiece! You will find yourself waltzing with Juliana and Stanley as you take their journey with them. Mrs. Brennan gives us an amazing tale of true love and how far one will go to find and keep it! Bravo, Mrs. Brennan in writing such a soul-searing love story that will have all your readers’ hearts dancing with delight as they read your sensational story!

Book Blurb for Waltz Me Through Time

Length: Novella
Stanley Caldwell is ecstatic to finally locate his wife after losing her during a lively dance…but he’s not thrilled with what he finds!
She doesn’t remember the dance.
She doesn’t remember him.

She doesn’t remember she belongs in 1902… 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00