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Mallory Devereaux is a very extraordinary woman. She has an unusual gift of making things happen to people after she touches them, unlucky things. When she needs money to help herself and a good friend, she uses this gift to "cool" cards on her uncle's casino boat. Mallory intends to make the crooks at the poker tournament unlucky in their cards. By doing so, she is insuring her and her uncle will win. Nothing is going to keep her from doing this, not even the handsome Yankee dealing the cards. Will Mallory realize that sometimes luck is really on her side?

FBI agent Jake Randoll is undercover at the tournament posing as a dealer to take down Silas Hebert, a money launderer. His partner, Mark has come up missing while he was working undercover for Silas. Jake is determined to bring Silas to justice and find out what happened to his partner. He does not care how beautiful Mallory is; all he knows is that he does not trust her or her uncle. Will Jake realize that sometimes you cannot do everything on your own?

Jake and Mallory are in for some interesting times at the tournament. They must use all their wits and skills to meet both their goals before the tournament is over. Will they be able to beat the other players and put Silas where he belongs? Or does Silas have an ace or two up his sleeve?

Jana DeLeon has definitely created a royal flush with "Unlucky"! This book grabs hold of you the second pick it up and will not let go. You will find yourself on one adventure after another with Jake and Mallory and her friends, Scooter and Amy.

You will laugh at loud at all their crazy antics and all the while danger looms all around them.

I really enjoyed "Unlucky" and found myself rooting for Jake and Mallory as they went along. They both knew what they wanted and were willing to do what it took to get it. These are two people who deserve some good luck for a change.

In her first book "Rumble on the Bayou" Jana DeLeon took us to Gator Bait, Louisiana, where there was plenty of adventure and romance to be had. In "Unlucky" Mrs. DeLeon has given us another wonderful and comical look at life on the Louisiana bayou and I am sure it will not be the last!

Book Blurb for Unlucky

Mallory Devereaux is known throughout the town of Royal Flush, Louisiana as a walking disaster and her luck just got worse. She needs to raise ten-thousand dollars in one week to keep the IRS from seizing her adopted father’s business where she works as the demolition foreman.

When the opportunity to cool cards at her uncle’s casino comes up, Mallory hopes her luck is changing. But when she realizes her uncle has assembled a tournament of criminals, she wonders what she’s stepped in the middle of.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00