The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard

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The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard

Eve Bluebeard is the daughter of the infamous pirate Bluebeard, which is something the lovely psychiatrist wants, kept secret. For Eve knows no one would give her or her asylum (The Towers), for peculiar paranormals any respect. And respectability is something Eve would do anything to get, including inventing herself a husband. But, what will she do when her make-believe husband shows up in the middle of her dinner party for fellow psychiatrists? Will she go along with the ruse? Or will she make this fictitious husband walk the plank?

Adam Pierce Hawkmore A.K.A. Dr. Adam Griffin knew he was in trouble the moment he laid eyes on Eve and his heart did somersaults. Eve was a little firecracker just waiting to explode and he was the fire that would light the fuse! Adam did not care what deal he made with her father, Bluebeard all he knew was that he found a real treasure in Eve and was not going down with the ship. Will Adam convince Eve that having a flesh and blood husband is better than having a made-up lie? Or will Bluebeard make him fish food for not following orders?

Minda Webber takes us on one wacky adventure, were ending up in an asylum for paranoiac paranormals, turns out to be perfectly normal. You will enjoy meeting The Tower residents, a loony leprechaun who has lost his pot of gold, Hugo the bell ringer, and Jack the Rip who loves to expose it all to the rose bushes.

This is one trip to the fun house I will never forget and will find myself revisiting quite often. I am looking forward to seeing where we will end up next with Ms. Webber. Wherever it is, I am sure laughter will not be far behind!

Book Blurb for The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard

When your father is not only an infamous pirate but the husband of six vanished wives, respectability's hard to come by. That's why Eve invented herself a husband. How else was a nineteenth-century gal to follow her dreams and become one of those newfangled psychiatrists? Certainly she will never run The Towers, London's preeminent asylum for potty paranormals. But now, wackier than the werewolves and loonier than the leprechaun she's treating, something new takes shape -- and he has the name of her never-before-seen husband and the body to drive a girl absolutely batty...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00