The Ravening

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The Ravening

Blood Moon, #3

Paloma is a young gypsy woman who loves dancing in the moonlight. One night she escapes her sleazy stepfather's grasp and flees off into the night. As she finds peace dancing under the twinkling stars and moon, she finds herself in an evil creature's clutches, and with one bite, Paloma's life is changed forever.

Milosh has come back to England to destroy the evil vampire, Sebastian and to seek out his friends the Hyde-Whites, but he finds the Whitebriar Abbey destroyed. While at the ruins of the abbey he finds Paloma there. This intriguing little thief gets under his skin and makes his blood boil. Can Milosh resist temptation? Or will he end up a blood-crazed beast?

Dawn Thompson once again gives us a masterpiece! As you travel with Paloma and Milosh on their adventure, you will feel each one of their gut-wrenching emotions as through they were your very own. When Paloma is face to face with the evil creature that bites her, you can smell his foul stench and feel her spine-tingling fear!

"The Ravening" is captivating and exhilarating and you will find yourself holding your breath as you take the ride of your life with these amazing people! There are plenty sparks between Milosh and Paloma that will definitely cause a lot of sizzling between the sheets of this blazing book!

Although, "The Ravening" is a stand-alone book, it is part of the "Blood Moon" series and I am sure Ms. Thompson will have everyone flocking to their neighborhood bookstores for all these amazing books!

Book Blurb for The Ravening


In the moonlit forest, bewitched by a wolf and dancing to music only she could hear, Paloma was first taken. And though she escaped her attacker, she could not flee her destiny.


Milosh could sense it: Sebastian—the vampire, his archenemy and the foe of The Brotherhood and all things right and good—was again rising to power. To Whitebriar Milosh traveled, hoping to find his friends the Hyde-Whites; instead he found the abbey in ruins and a terrified waif. The copper-haired beauty stole his heart…and yet she was infected. She burned with bloodlust, burned as did all those who’d felt the bite of vampyr but not the solace of the Blood Moon—as Milosh himself had once burned. Paloma had the power to make him burn again, and in ways he hadn’t felt for centuries. She could make him a ravening beast…which meant the struggle to come would be not against Sebastian alone, but against himself and almost every desire in his darkening heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00