The Cats that Surfed the Web

The Cats that . . . Cozy Mystery, #1

Katherine “Katz” Kendall is a very bright and energetic New Yorker, who’s life is about to get turned upside down. From getting crashed into by bike messenger on her way to her computer job, to getting a message from a small town lawyer in Indiana saying she has inherited millions, a house, and a cat, to finding a dead body.

In order to receive the inheritance Katherine must move to Erie, Indiana to live in her late great aunt’s house and take care of her cat. What’s one more cat, Katherine has 3 Siamese cats that she adores. So, with her best friend Colleen and her Siamese by her side, it’s off to Indiana. They have no idea what surprises and dangers lay in wait for them!

“The Cats that Surfed the Web” is a very humorous and creative cozy mystery! It will have you laughing hard one minute and puzzling over murder suspects the next. Katherine’s cats play a very big part of the story and Karen Anne Golden is a very knowledgeable cat lover who intertwines the cats’ antics and the mysteries in the book magically.

Karen Anne Golden has created a quaint and wonderful small town with Erie, Indiana. She has filled it with intriguing and colorful people, whom you will want and can get to know better with the next 3 books in the series, which are out now. Who knows what awaits us next in Karen Anne Golden’s web surfing cats’ cozy mysteries.

Book Blurb for The Cats that Surfed the Web

Forty four million dollars. A Victorian mansion. And a young career woman with cats. The prospect sounded like a dream come true; what could possibly go wrong? How could a friendly town’s welcome turn into a case of poisoning, murder, and deceit? When Katherine “Katz” Kendall, a computer professional in New York City, discovers she’s the sole heir of a huge inheritance, she can’t believe her good fortune. She’s okay with the clauses of the will: Move to the small town of Erie, Indiana, check. Live in her great aunt’s pink Victorian mansion and take care of an Abyssinian cat, double-check. With her three Siamese cats and best friend Colleen riding shotgun, Katz leaves Manhattan to find a former housekeeper dead in the basement. Ghostly intrusions convince Colleen, a card carrying “ghost hunter,” that the mansion is haunted. Several townspeople are furious because Katherine’s benefactor promised them the fortune, then changed her will at the last minute. But who would be greedy enough to get rid of the rightful heir to take the money and run?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50