The Brotherhood

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The Brotherhood

Blood Moon Series, #2

Joss Hyde-White is a man on a mission. A mission on horseback, that takes him from London to Cumberland in the middle of a blizzard. Joss is willing to risk the snow-storm for some answers to his questions that he believes only his parents can give him.

But, those answers will have to wait, as he finds a carriage overturned in the snow, and a young woman inside that is near death. Joss takes this young woman to his near by home, Whitebriar Abby. He does not realize that evil will soon follow.

Cora Applegate is a troubled woman who awakens in a strange house. Just how strange it is too become is beyond her wildest nightmares. For nightmares are something poor Cora has quite often, because she has been badly hurt. Therefore she will not trust any man. Will Joss be able to convince Cora to trust him? Will she discover that Joss is no ordinary man?

Joss must also learn to trust if he and Cora are to survive the evil that threatens to tear them apart. Can Milosh, an old friend of his parents, convince Joss to accept who he really is and what he is to become a part of before it is too late?

Dawn Thompson once again takes us on an exhilarating ride with lots of twists and turns, which you will not want to end! You will feel your spine tingle as you go on the hunt with Joss and Milosh. There will be a catch in your breath and a foul stench in the air as you feel the evil closing in all around you!

Like its predecessor "Blood Moon", "The Brotherhood" is bone-chilling and yet it has enough heat and passion, to leap right off the pages and singe your fingertips! These are two books that must be picked up and savored.

In March 2008 the next book "The Ravening" will fly out to the shelves. I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Thompson will take us next, in this intoxicating series!

Book Blurb for The Brotherhood

Joss Hyde-White leaves London for answers about who and what he is. What he finds is a carriage, and a scene of horror interrupted within. A chestnut-haired beauty lies prone, requiring his assistance. But safety is not easily provided. On this night that brings to mind vampires and the foulest creatures of myth, it is difficult to tell man or woman from beast. From this moment forward, no one and nothing can be trusted-not even his own instincts. Joss is on the road to the truth, leading to the secret of his parents, to the Blood Moon Rite of ancient Persia, to an enigmatic Gypsy and.The Brotherhood.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00