Rumble on the Bayou

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Rumble on the Bayou

Dorie Berenger wears many hats in Gator Bait, Louisiana, two of them being deputy sheriff and game warden. Because of these jobs she is called out to Maylene Thibodeaux's house. Maylene is the local drunk who gets smashed on her own homemade brew. But, she was not hallucinating when she said there was an alligator in her pool.

After Dorie removes a backpack filled with money and heroin from the gator's mouth, she realizes that this gator is stoned! Along with the backpack, a human finger is also found. Dorie knows that life is about to get complicated in Gator Bait, and there will be trouble arriving soon.

That trouble turns out to be DEA Richard Starke. Richard is a by-the-book agent, who believes everyone in Gator Bait is a stupid hick, including Dorie and her partner, Joe. He has spent his whole career tracking down this drug dealer. He is not going to let this small town hick and her partner keep him from catching Shawn Roland. Richard does not care how beautiful she is, he knows she cannot handle this case. Will he realize that sometimes there are more important things in life than work?

Dorie cannot believe the nerve of this man. He comes into Gator Bait and insults the whole town, including her and Joe and then expects her to just step aside and let him run the investigation and not tell her a damn thing. He had better just watch his step before she throttles him! Helping him is the last thing she wants to do, even if her dad, the sheriff tells her to do so. Well, this is her town and she is in charge and Richard will not bully her and Joe, no matter how desirable and tempting she finds him. Will Dorie ever give into her desires? Or will she be able to resist temptation?

When Richard finds out no one in town will talk to him with-out Dorie's say so, he agrees to check his attitude at the door and asks Dorie and Joe for help. They agree to help him catch Roland, but as luck would have it, someone in Gator Bait is helping the crook. This someone knows Dorie well and wants both and Richard dead!

As sparks fly between Dorie and Richard, will they realize that some things are meant to be, before it is too late? Or will the drug dealers find a way to keep Dorie and Richard off their trail for good?

Jana DeLeon has created a remarkable story, where small town life on the bayou comes alive! You will feel yourself being drawn into the mystery with every twist and turn. The residents of Gator Bait leap right off the pages and make you feel at home. This is one book that will have you laughing one minute and on the edge of your seat the next!

Mrs. DeLeon has given us a book jam-packed full of mystery, intrigue, and romance that will have you begging for more! I am looking forward to reading her second novel "Unlucky" that will be coming out on October 30, 2007. Until then I will have lots of fun revisiting the residents of Gator Bait!

Book Blurb for Rumble on the Bayou

Deputy Dorie Berenger knew it was going to be a rough day when the alligator she found in the town drunk's swimming pool turned out to be stoned. On heroin. Now she has some big-shot city slicker from the DEA trying to take over her turf. And Agent Richard Starke is everything she'd feared-brash, demanding and way too handsome for his own good. Or hers.

The folks of Gator Bait, Louisiana, may know everything about each other, but they're sure not going to share it with an outsider. Richard wouldn't be able to catch a catfish, much less a drug smuggler, without Dorie's help. But some secrets-and some desires-are buried so deep that bringing them to the surface will take a major...Rumble On The Bayou.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50