Return To Me

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Return To Me

Darius MacLeod dies on a Scottish battlefield in 1314. Thanks to Remont, his brother Demetri's lover, he is reborn as a vampire. Now, all Darius wants, is to return home to his wife Rose and their unborn child. But, Darius is about to learn the old adage, you cannot go home again. Because when Rose finds out what he has become, she is fearful for her life, as well as her baby's. When she tries to flee from Darius, she causes her and the child's death.

In 1818 London, Gabrielle Fairmont has been "sold" to Lord Sutherland by her cruel uncle to pay for his debts, in the guise of a marriage. She must use all of her wits and her powers as a witch, to leave Sutherland before an actual wedding can take place. Will Gabrielle be able to escape this evil fiend before she ends up dead, like his four previous wives?

When Darius sees Gabrielle, he knows instantly she is his beloved Rose reincarnated. With the help of Demetri and Remont, he will stop at nothing to save Gabrielle from Sutherland, because Darius knows she belongs with him. Will Gabrielle remember her former life with Darius? Will she accept him for who and what he really is? Or will the obsessed Lord Sutherland tear the two soul mates apart?

Julia Templeton has given us an undying love story that will stand the test of time itself! Darius and Gabrielle's tale is a true work of art. You will devour this book in one sitting; my fingers could not turn the pages fast enough. You will feel yourself being swept up like a leaf in the wind as their love story takes hold of you and will not let go!

My heart went out to Remont and his love for Demetri. There is nothing secondary about these two gentlemen! They need to have their story be told in the future. I cannot wait to see into their pasts as well as their futures.

Mrs. Templeton takes us on a journey of the heart in "Return to Me" and she gives us a love story we will never forget! I am looking forward to taking Mrs. Templeton's next voyage, wherever that may lead.

Book Blurb for Return To Me

Betrayed by her uncle, the magically inclined Lady Gabrielle Wentworth has been sold into a betrothal with a man who will surely be her ruin. To survive-and to avoid being labeled as a witch-she must accept the help of a five-hundred-year-old vampire who's as dangerous to her chaste body as he is to her fragile heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00