Passion at an Exhibition

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Passion at an Exhibition

1890’s New York
Rosalyn Abbett is a suffragette who is a strong believer in women’s rights. She is a junior curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which she will be working on the exhibition of royal jewelry. This has her really addled, not the exhibition per say but whom she will be working with, Anthony Simms.
Anthony Simms worked with her father and was at his side when he died, a fact that Rosalyn resents, it should have been her with her father when he died. Anthony is her father’s closest friend and he wanted her and Anthony to marry someday. Through her father’s letters, she has gotten to know Anthony and when she saw his picture, she fell instantly in love. Now, he is in town and she is beside herself. What will he think of her? Can she get past her resentment towards him? Will he want her when he finds out about her passion for women’s rights?
Anthony loved Rosalyn’s father and enjoyed working with him all over the world. He was very sad to see him die. Now, he was more than ready to go to New York for the exhibition, but what he really wants, is to finally meet Rosalyn in the flesh. Anthony is very intrigued with Rosalyn and wants to get to know her better. When he first saw her picture he became instantly smitten with her. But will she want to be with him? Everyone believes they should be together and even leave them alone without a chaperone. What will happen when they are all alone, late at night in the museum? Will they finally see what they want and need is staring them right in the face?
Tori Anne has created a wonderful tale of love and laughter in Passion At An Exhibition! She takes us back to 1890’s New York and to the beginning of women’s rights. You will find yourself meeting some very interesting people including Mrs. Crane and Mary.
Rosalyn and Anthony are two people who long for love and hope to find it in each other. You will be rooting for them as you as you turn the pages of their spectacular story. I am looking forward to seeing where Tori Anne will take us next in one of her brilliant books! 

Book Blurb for Passion at an Exhibition

Ms. Rosalyn Abbett, a spirited young suffragette in 1890's New York, has just received news that fills her with panic.  The confident, striking and highly acclaimed Mr. Anthony Simms, a man she's met only through letters, will be arriving tomorrow night.  Rosalyn's not at all sure what to think.  A junior curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she and Mr. Simms are to prepare an exhibition of royal jewelry from around the world.  Together.  Without a chaperone.  With an entire museum all to themselves, will her scorching dreams of this stranger come true?  

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00