Moonlight Wish

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Moonlight Wish

Book three in the Wishing for Love series.

Lady Edwina Langston is a sweet and pretty young woman who has had enough of men running her life for her. The last straw is when her grandfather orders her to marry Viscount Ashtead or be cut of his will! So, when Xanthe, Edwina’s fairy godmother gives her the opportunity to gain her independence she takes it! Now Edwina has eight weeks as a gamestress to make enough money to support herself and finally be independent.

Charles Edward Langston, Viscount Ashtead is a rake who does what he wants when he wants and is not about to stop now, even when his great uncle orders him to marry Lady Edwina or be cut out of his will! Viscount Ashtead protests at first at the marriage but he knows he must do what is good for his people and marry Lady Edwina.

When Viscount Ashtead helps Lady Edwina as a gamestress is he really helping her because he cares for her or is he hoping she will give in and marry him so he can get her grandfather’s money? Will Lady Edwina realize that sometimes love is more important than independence? Will Xanthe be able to get these two on the same page and for them to realize they were meant to be with each other?

Janice Bennett has written a magical love story with “Moonlight Wish” that will take the reader on an enchanting journey to find real true love! You will find yourself immersed in Lady Edwina and Viscount Ashtead’s adventure right from the start! They are two people whom you fall in love with and want them to have their happily ever after ending!

“Moonlight Wish” is a stand alone book but I suggest you read the other two books in the Wishing for Love series: “Candlelight Wish” and “Starlight Wish”, they are fascinating as well. Janice Bennett has written a sweet and spellbinding love story with “Moonlight Wish”. I am looking forward to seeing where she will take us next with one of her bewitching books!

Book Blurb for Moonlight Wish

When Lady Edwina Langston’s grandfather orders her to marry his heir or be cut off without a penny, she makes a heartfelt wish on the full moon to be her own mistress. Xanthe, her fun-loving fairy godmother, sweeps her off to Brighton’s summer season, where Eddie’s ability at piquet can lead her to wealth—or ruin. When her spurned groom, the dashing and dangerous Viscount Ashtead, aids her in her new career as a genteel gamestress, is it out of the growing love she longs for—or as a plot to win her grandfather’s fortune?

Xanthe and Titus must spin a magical web of romance to entangle this mistrustful pair into the true freedom of love.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00