Let Them Eat Cake

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Let Them Eat Cake

Anna Mulligan is a very sweet caring ICU nurse who is thrilled to go on her 1st tour of Paris, France. She is surprised to find Dr. Jeff Andrews going along as well. Anna has admired Jeff from afar at work but he has remained aloof towards her. Well, now is her chance for them to get to know one another. But, will the two brunettes traveling with Jeff ruin Anna’s chance with him?
While in France Anna hopes to find out what happened to her great-great-great grandmother, who lived and disappeared in France during the rein of Queen Marie Antoinette. It seems Jeff would like to find out about one of his ancestors as well. With any luck maybe they could help each other and that would give Anna some time with Jeff.  
While at Hammeau de la Reine at Versailles, Anna finds herself walking alone in the fog, when she is suddenly swept back in time. She is now being called Anne-Marie Toussant her great-great-great grandmother’s name and she meets Geoffroi Andrieux whose likeness to Jeff is uncanny. Could this be Jeff’s ancestor because Anna feels a very strong connection towards Geoffroi.
While living in the past Anna enjoys her time there by doing many things, including sewing for Queen Marie Antoinette herself and learning what the Queen was really like not what the history books want us to believe. Anna also finds herself and Geoffroi growing closer every day. Will Anna ever make it back to the present? Will she and Jeff ever find their way towards one another? Or will Jeff disbelieve Anna’s tale of traveling back in time if she can make it back to him?
Kathy Pratt sweeps the reader to the magical and romantic streets of Paris, France to the luxuriousness of Versailles! You will find yourself longing to join Anna and Jeff on their journey together. One person who stole my heart in this enchanting story was Queen Marie Antoinette. Pratt gives us a different look at the Queen, where she is seen as a real human being not the cold-hearted snake history portrayed her to be!
“With Let Them Eat Cake” Kathy Pratt has given us a window to the past that we will not want to close! I am looking forward to her next book, to see what lies in store for us, when she throws open another window, we will all long to look through!

Book Blurb for Let Them Eat Cake

Anna Mulligan’s first trip to France is supposed to give her a chance to research her genealogy. Instead, it turns into an opportunity for romance and adventure both in present day and in 18th century France.
She is transported back in time by a mysterious fog surrounding the Hameau de la Reine at Versailles. She discovers the name of her ancestor when the inhabitants of the hamlet, including Queen Marie-Antoinette and Geoffroi Andrieux, mistake her for that ancestor. Here she finds love with Geoffroi Andrieux, the ancestor of Dr. Jeff Andrews--the present day doctor she’s loved from afar. Could Geoffroi be Jeff?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50