Irish Stewed

An Ethnic Eats Mystery, #1

Laurel Inwood is a very strong and proud woman. After losing her job as a Hollywood personal chef, Laurel travels to Hubbard, Ohio. There she is going to help out her Aunt Sophie, with her restaurant, Sophie’s Terminal at the Tracks. But, unfortunately for Laurel, Sophie has embellished the truth about her restaurant.

Before Laurel can decided what to do about her aunt’s dishonesty, she finds a dead body seated in a booth at the Terminal! The dead body just happens to be, the famous local television investigative reporter, Jack Lance A.K.A. “the Lance of Justice “.

Will Laurel be able to find Jack’s killer and bring customers back to the Terminal? Or will she and the Terminal, be terminated?

“Irish Stewed” is the first book in the Ethnic Eats mysteries. It is a good book that gives the reader a glimpse of small town life. There are plenty of colorful people in Hubbard that you will appreciate getting to know. I really enjoyed meeting Aunt Sophie and Declan Fury. Laurel Inwood is intriguing, but this reader wished she was not so cold and standoffish. We do learn the reason behind Laurel’s frosty personality. But, even with this information, it does not make Laurel very likeable at times.

Kylie Logan has given us a good start to this new series. The mystery part of the book could have been cleverer, but it was good and fit in well with the plot. Hopefully the good people of Hubbard can thaw out Laurel, so we can see the sweetness; I know she has hidden deep inside!

I can see great potential for Laurel and the folks of Hubbard. I am looking forward to seeing what Kylie Logan has in store for them, in the next book of the Ethnic Eats mystery series!

Book Blurb for Irish Stewed

The national bestselling author of the League of Literary Ladies Mysteries introduces an all-new cozy culinary mystery series featuring ethnic eats.

After flopping as a personal chef to a Hollywood movie star, jobless Laurel Inwood finds herself humbled in Hubbard, Ohio, helping her aunt Sophie run her restaurant. Much to Laurel’s dismay, Sophie’s Terminal at the Tracks is not the cozy bistro her aunt would have had her believe—it’s a run-down greasy spoon in an old railroad station. To save the dingy diner, Laurel cooks up a plan to feature alternating ethnic cuisine as specials.

But first there’s the problem of the body in the booth. Slumped over a table with a receipt spike in his back is Jack Lancer—”the Lance of Justice”—an investigative reporter for local TV news. Assisted by the drop-dead gorgeous owner of the neighboring Irish store—who may or may not be a suspect—Laurel sets out to track down a killer who had no reservations about impaling a newshound. But as she turns up the heat, will she end up in the soup herself?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00