Hex Appeal

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Hex Appeal

Jasmine Tremaine AKA Jazz is a witch, a very beautiful and sexy witch, despite being 700 years old. Jazz has a habit of getting herself and others into trouble and she is always breaking the witchy rules. Jazz works for a supernatural driving service, she also eliminates curses for all creatures. But what happens when the curse eliminator gets cursed herself? Jazz is having really horrible nightmares that are starting to be frightening real and Jazz believes there is magic involved here. Could someone have put a curse on her? But who could it be and why?
Nikolai Gregorivich is a very old and sexy vampire who is in love with Jazz, even though just one drop of her sweet blood could kill him. As he and Jazz try to build a relationship together after the crazy trouble they have been through in the past. But, when Nick starts having nightmares too he begins to wonder if it might be connected to Jazz and to magick. Between himself and Jazz can they find the evil one trying to taint their dreams and destroy their relationship before it is too late?
Linda Wisdom has given us a spectacular supernatural story that is full of love, laughter, and plenty of magic in and out of the bedroom! You will find yourself enthralled with these wonderful witches, vampires, ghosts, humans, werewolves, and a pair of magical bunny slippers known as Fluff and Puff, they will have you rolling on the floor in laughter at all their crazy antics!
Hex Appeal is very well written and it is a stand-alone book but it is even better when you read, 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover, the first book in the series. You will not want to put this amazing book down even for a second. You will find yourself flying through the pages of this very magical book! I am looking forward to seeing where Mrs. Wisdom takes us next with this truly enchanting series!

Book Blurb for Hex Appeal

The second book in the Hex series features feisty witch Jazz and her drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop boyfriend in a new installment. On again, off again for over 300 years, Jazz and Nick are finally back together, but then Jazz thinks Nick has bitten her. Separated again, upset and angry, the two of them start having violent, recurring dreams in which each one figures in disturbing and menacing ways. They can't sleep, they can't eat, and they finally figure out they'd better get together and discover who's poisoning their dreams-and their relationship.

Full of the fantastic secondary characters that Linda Wisdom's fans know and love, including Jazz's sister witches and a cast of delectable supernatural male characters, Hex Appeal is fun and funny paranormal romance at its best.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00