Hawk's Woman

Colorado, 1867 
Hallie McIntyre is a very sweet and innocent young woman. She has been an orphan for most of her life and has been cloistered in the Convent of Mary Magdala near Bitter River. There is where she plans to stay and intends to someday take her vows and become a nun. When she finds a wounded strange man at the convent, her life is in for a drastic change. Will Hallie be ready for it, when that change comes?
Clay Evans A.K.A. John Walking Hawk is a man on a mission, a mission to find the men who murdered his family. Nothing, not the price on his head, or the beautiful and kind young woman who found and saved him from death, will stop him from completing his mission. But, at what price will Clay pay to be able to finish that mission?
When Hallie is caught kissing Clay she must choose between becoming a nun and being with the man she has come to love. She decides to follow her heart and takes off on an adventure with Clay and along the way, with his help she finds her long lost father. As Hallie and Clay begin to get to know one another, a spark is lit between them and soon they will go down in a hot and sensual blaze of desire, all the while they are trying to elude the men who are hunting them. Will Clay ever realize that sometimes you are a stronger man when you just let go of the past and embrace the future? Or will his thirst for revenge ruin the new love he has found with Hallie? Will Hallie learn there are always two sides to every story and sometimes the one you believed to be the truth turns out to be the lie?
Horary the historical is back! Madeline Baker once again has out done herself with this truly heartfelt and passionate tale! There is plenty of action in this brilliant book that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. This is one sensational story you will not want to end. My fingers could not turn the pages fast enough of this breathtaking book!
Hawk’s Woman gives us, the readers, a heavenly historical we have been longing for, with real people, who will jump right off the page and take a hold of your heart, as you share in their adventure! Hallie and Clay have such depth to them that you will feel each one of their emotions, as they were your very own as you live their lives with them!
Ms. Baker A.K.A. Amanda Ashley has truly given us a stupendous story with Hawk’s Woman and no mater what genre she chooses to write in, if you pick up one of her blissful books you will never be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Hawk's Woman

A Blush Title

Hallie McIntyre intends to take her vows and live a cloistered life—until she finds a wounded stranger lying in Sister Dominica’s garden. Against her better judgment, Hallie agrees to hide him from her Sisters and from the lawmen who come looking for him, and nurse him back to health.

When the law refuses to hunt down the men who slaughtered his family, John Walking Hawk takes the law into his own hands. Wounded and with a price on his head, he’s on the run, wanted for exacting the justice that had been denied him.

Now, because of a twist of fate, Hallie finds herself falling in love with a man she never should have met, and making the hardest decision of her life. Turning her back on the convent, Hallie follows her heart, trading the peace and serenity of the convent for a different and far more dangerous life, risking security and freedom to become Hawk’s woman.

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere under the same title.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 5.00