Eternal Surrender

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Eternal Surrender

Eternal 3

Alyssa Quinlan is a stake through a vampire's heart; ask questions later kind of woman! Vampires murdered her family and she will not rest until she eradicates every last one of them, especially the vicious vampire leader named D'Angel. Alyssa knows that all vampires are blood-sucking fiends, right? But, then she has never met a vampire quite like Damian Cristo Salvatorio.

Damian is a very loyal vampire, too bad for the lovely Alyssa. Although he admires her courage and thinks she is a rare beauty, his loyalty belongs to his maker. Therefore he must do as D'Angel commands and kill Alyssa. As Alyssa's sweet blood flows through his fangs, Damian gets a peek at her past. He knows he cannot kill this little one, no matter what consequences he must face.

But, one ramification he does not count on, is Alyssa's wraith at being held captive, even it is for her own safety. As sparks fly between himself and Alyssa, Damian feels something he thought was frozen solid long ago, his heart. Is it possible for Damian to love? Or is his heart to be forever enclosed in a block of ice? Will Alyssa come to realize that not all vampires are monsters? Will she be able or even want to melt Damian's heart?

Now, that Damian has taken Alyssa under his wing, he knows that D'Angel will stop at nothing to kill them both. As Damian and Alyssa struggle to stay out of the evil vampire's clutches, they must learn to trust one another, keep their wits about them, and be able to face their fears. But, will it be enough to defeat D'Angel and her murdering mob? Or will Damian and Alyssa be forced to an eternal surrender?

Ann Lory has once again given us eternal ecstasy with one of her many bewitching books! You will not be able to put this one down, once you start, you will be hooked.

"Eternal Surrender" takes us on an emotional journey of the heart, with lots of twists and turns that will have you flying through the pages at record-breaking speed!

I fell in love with Damian and Alyssa right from the very first page. Their raw emotions, at what they had both been through, pulls at your heartstrings, until you can feel tears running down your face! This is one book that can and will make your heart ache and sing at the same time! Even if you have not read the two previous books "Eternal 1: Eternal Embrace" and "Eternal 2: Eternal Obsession", you will not be disappointed in "Eternal Surrender", as it is a stand alone book. But, after reading it your soul will year to read the other two books as well!

Mrs. Lory is an amazing writer who weaves such magical tales of these misunderstood creatures of the night! Her vampires are not only alluring and mesmerizing, but with their shattered hearts and souls, they make us want to take them into our own hearts and arms, to give them the comfort they need and the flesh and blood they desire! I am anxiously waiting to be taken by another of Ann Lory's vulnerable vampires very soon!

Book Blurb for Eternal Surrender

When Alyssa meets Damian and realizes he's vampire, she wants to put a stake through his heart. But after coming up against his supernatural strength, she finds herself with a new dilemma: how to resist the sexual tension between them . But she must remain strong. Vampires killed her family and she will not forget her vow to destroy them.

Damian was sent to kill Alyssa, but after a taste of the young woman he cannot bring himself to end her life. Instead he brings her under his protection, whether she's willing or not.

Sparks fly with not only the wicked slash of flying stakes, but with the heated passion the two try to deny. It's only a matter of time before the walls tumble down and Alyssa's faces the truth: not all vampires are evil. But can she put aside her hate and surrender to Damian, for all eternity?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00