Eternal Promise

Addalina now known as Addie is a very strong and cautious woman. She has to be, after her crazy ex-boyfriend Joel, nearly killed her and he has since escaped police custody. So, Addie decided to move away with her sister Sersha, to the little town of Clarity and now works there with Sersha at Vitali, Clarity’s only club.

Dimitri is Addie’s and Sersha’s boss at Vitali, he is also very hot, and a vampire. Dimitri has found himself drawn to Addie, like a moth to a flame since meeting her. She not only arouses his body but also stirs his soul! He feels an overwhelming need to protect and care for Addie, which quite frankly troubles him terribly. He is a vampire whom, is used to taking what he wants and needs, whenever and however he wants it! Dimitri knows these feelings he has for Addie is dangerous and he must forget them. But can he really do that?

Addie is very attracted to Dimitri but she is just not ready for a man in her life right now. But what about a vampire? Will she be ready to have a real, honest to goodness vampire in her life? Will Addie’s broken heart be able to let Dimitri in? Will Dimitri realize that the feelings he has for Addie just simply won’t go away? When the sparks between them begin to burn, will Addie and Dimitri be strong enough together to face what life has in store for them? Or will everything they have just go down in flames?

“Eternal Promise is a very intense love story that will take you on one wild ride! You will find yourself being drawn into Addie’s and Dimitri’s world right from the start and then you will find you cannot turn the pages of this sensational story fast enough! “Eternal Promise” is very passionate and full of heat, and that heat will singe your fingertips as you read this blazing book!

Jenika Snow is a brilliant author who brings to life such wonderful and charming people whom you will want to cheer for and take their journey with them wherever it might lead! You will also want to revisit them and their journeys time and time again. I am looking forward to seeing where Jenika Snow will take us next in one of her breathtaking books!

Book Blurb for Eternal Promise

When Addie moves to the quaint town of Stone Brooke, she thinks she has finally escaped her horrid past. Working at the hottest club in town, "The Night Phlox", proves to be a stepping stone in the right direction, but when she finds herself extremely drawn sexually to her boss, Dimitri, she doesn't know if she can pursue him and leave her past behind. Nor does she know that the man she has grown so attracted to is actually a Vampire.

Addie and Dimitri find themselves irrevocably attracted to each other and nothing seems to quench their hunger except being together. They must work as one to overcome not only the reawakening of Addie's past, but also the monumental change that is about to take place in both of their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50