Dead Head

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Dead Head

Dirty Business Series #3

Paula Holiday had first come to the sleepy little town of Springfield, Connecticut for the summer a few years ago, when she lived and worked in New York City. When she lost her job and her boyfriend around the same time, she decided to return to the quaint town to sort out her life, but Paula ended up staying for good. 
Now, a citizen of Springfield, Paula needed to find a job. So, she opened up Dirty Business- which is a cross between property maintenance and a landscaping company. Even though Paula is not a licensed landscape architect, she can do almost anything when it comes to plants and gardening. She has even unearthed a body or two! 
When Caroline Sturgis, one of the towns most affluent “Main Street Moms” and Paula's client and friend is found out to be a fugitive from the law, the whole town including Caroline's husband Grant and Paula herself is shocked! 
Everyone in town knows about Paula's sleuthing skills and about her solving a couple of murders a while back, but it was still a big surprise for Paula when Grant Sturgis asks her to find out who the anonymous tipster was that turned his wife into the cops. Paula tries to convince Grant that he needs to hire a professional but gives in when he says that Caroline is counting on her to help.  
While digging into Caroline's past as Monica Jane Weithorn, suspects come out of the woodwork and motives come to the surface as well. Will Paula be able to stay alive and outsmart the evil person who wants revenge on Caroline? Or will Paula end up fertilizer for someone's garden? 
Rosemary Harris gives us a fast- paced and plenty of action mystery with “Dead Head” her third book in the (Dirty Business Mystery Series)! Even though “Dead Head” is the third book in the series it is still very much a stand alone read! In “Dead Head” you will get to meet some very interesting people like Lucy Cavanaugh, Paula's best friend from New York City and my favorite, Babe Chinnery, a former rocker and now owner of Paradise diner in Springfield. 
“Dead Head” takes the reader on a mystery ride with lots of twists and turns along the way and even a few tingles up the spine! Once you crack open this marvelous mystery you will be hooked! I am looking forward to seeing where Mrs. Harris will take Paula and her friends next and what kind of dirty business Paula will find herself in! 

Book Blurb for Dead Head

Fugitive mom...that's the tabloid headline that rocks a small New England town when it's discovered that one of their favorite ladies is a fugitive from the law. Amateur sleuth and professional landscaper Paula Holliday is called on by the woman's family to find out who dropped the dime and why this long-kept secret is enough to kill for.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00