Darkest Memory

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Darkest Memory

Calah Arlington is a very good journalist who is losing her enthusiasm for her craft. But, then she is granted an interview of a lifetime with Gabriel Knight. Plus, on the same night she has a very strange dream and both of these events renew her interest in the one thing she loves most, her writing and they get her creativity back on track. When Calah meets Gabriel time seems to stop and she can hear him speaking in her head. How is that possible? Who is Gabriel and what is this strange hold he has over her?

Gabriel Knight is a very old and powerful vampire. He has loved Calah for the past eight centuries! When she was reborn in this lifetime, he has watched and protected her from afar, since her very first breath. Now, he must come out from behind the shadows and bring Calah to him, if he is to keep her from the monster that wants to take her from him once again! Will Gabriel be able to keep Calah safe from the evil creature’s clutches? Will Calah remember her past life with Gabriel and fall in love with him again? Or will she loath him when she finds out he is a vampire?

Sky Purington gives us a jam-packed vampire tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat! This is one vampire love story that will tug on your heart-strings! It also has enough heat to singe your fingertips as you fly through the pages of this blazing book!

Mrs. Purington has created a vampire whom you will love always in Gabriel! He is an amazing vampire, who has kept a mortal man’s heart. His love for Calah is never ending and is very true and pure as the first snowfall! You will long to see him get his heart’s desire because he truly deserves it!

“Darkest Memory” is a fantastic and brilliant book! You will find yourself wrapped up in it’s magical spell the second you pick it up and will not want to put it down! I am looking forward to seeing where Sky Purington will take us next in one of her wondrous books!

Reviewer, Janean Sparks

Book Blurb for Darkest Memory

Calah Arlington lands a career-making interview with billionaire club owner, Gabriel Knight. His dark looks and mysterious nature captivate her. However, looks can be deceiving. Now bizarre things are happening to her. She hears his seductive voice when he hasn't spoken. She's become forgetful and worries when she's unable to remember her own actions. Could the truth behind the strange occurrences be deadly?

Vampire, Gabriel Knight would have waited a thousand centuries for Calah Arlington to return. A stormy night brings her to him. He should've remained a secret-to protect her. Fate has other plans. Making contact under the pretension of an interview, he lures her to his estate to keep her safe from the enemy. However, he underestimates his dark desire for her. Now who will keep her safe from him?

This book has been re-issued.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 5.00