Cotillion Christmas Spirits

Author: Carolynn Carey
Subtitle: A Christmas Spirit of Forgiveness

Anna Marshall is a very sweet and kind young woman who loves living in the country, where she is close to nature. She would rather be in the country taking care of her neighbors, they way her Great Aunt Cora has shown her, than living in luxury among The Ton in London.

Phillip tenth Earl of Ashington would rather be in London for Christmas than his country estate, Ashworth. Ashworth does not hold fond memories for Phillip but his sister Rachel wanted to spend Christmas there and she is the only person whom could get him to be there at all.

When Anna and Phillip get snowed in together at Ashworth will sparks fly between them? If they do, what can become of it when Anna is determined to stay in her beloved country and Phillip is equally determined to return to London? Can the mysterious Lady in Red weave some Christmas magic and get these two to learn that Christmas is the season for forgiveness and love?

Author: Barbara Miller
Subtitle: Dreams of Christmas

Sarah Pelham is a very fine young woman who misses her twin sister Annabelle very deeply. When Sarah has a dream of Annabelle she knows that she must follow the Christmas spirit and go on a quest to find Annabelle. Even if that quest takes her far from home and in the middle of a fierce snowstorm.

Marcus Brooks Earl of Vance has had the same dream of his true love many times and he is determined to find her at all costs. He knows that the Christmas spirit is leading him to his beloved. So, he will follow anywhere the spirit leads him, even into the middle of a huge snowstorm.

When Marcus sees Sarah he knows she is his true love and he knows they are destined to be together. But, before Sarah can even think of falling in love, she must find her sister. With Marcus’ help will Sarah finally find her sister? Can the Christmas spirit help Marcus and Sarah find happiness in each other?

Author: Kate Dolan
Subtitle: Bride of Belznickel

Hannah Brown is a very sweet young lady. She is in England to attend Miss Baldwin’s Academy for Young Ladies but would rather be back home in her beloved State of Maryland. Especially when she has to spend her Christmas holiday wither her Uncle and Aunt Dahlgren and her two dreadful cousins Juliette and Louisa whose main joy in life is to put her down. If only she could give her two cousins a taste of their own medicine for a change.

Phillip Peniur is spending his Christmas holiday with his father and brother at Dahlgren house so his brother can see his fiancée Juliette Dahlgren. When he sees they way poor sweet Hannah is treated by her two cruel cousins and how her aunt and uncle allow it, it makes him mad. Phillip wants to help but how can he without causing trouble for his brother.

When Hannah decides to make up a Christmas story in order to scare her two cousins she has no idea that things from that story were about to come true. What will happen to Hannah when her story starts to come to life? Will she finally get her revenge on her two cousins? Or will the story backfire and get her into trouble? Will handsome Phillip come to her aid? Or will she be sent back home to Maryland in disgrace?

Author: Jeanne Savery
Subtitle: Jenna’s Eternal Lover

Jenna has waited what seems a lifetime to join her dead lover Lord Melton Tomlinson Everston in the hereafter. But, before she could do that she had to see that all of her lover’s heirs were taken care of and that they found true love and happiness. Now, that the deeds were done, Jenna is so very tired and ready to take her place at Mels’ ghostly side.

Lord Everston has been waiting for his precious Jenna to join him so they can finally spend eternity in each other’s arms. He is very happy that both he and Jenna helped his heirs; Jacob, Sarah, Patrick, and Roman find love and happiness. Now, he was more than ready for his true love; Jenna to be back where she belonged, in his arms.

Can Jenna and Mels’ family realize that Jenna has had a full life here on Earth and done what she needed to do and is ready to leave this world behind and finally be with Mels forever? Will they see that true love does not die when the body does but lasts for all eternity?

Author: Larissa Lyons
Subtitle: Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord

Isabella Jane Spier is a beautiful and sweet young woman who just so happens to be blind. Isabella leads a very sheltered life due to her father and his selfish ways. Isabella loves Christmas with all her heart and when she has a chance for some fun at Christmas when her father is away, she takes it. Her friend Anne Redford takes her to spend Christmas with her family and friends at Redford Manor.

Nicolas Michael Henry Winten Seventh Earl of Frostwood, known as Lord Frostwood hates Christmas. This time of year only serves to remind him of a time in his life where he experienced a great loss and the pain he has felt since then. Lord Frostwood wants nothing more than to be left alone at Christmas but his friend Edward won’t take no for an answer so, he agrees to spend Christmas at Edward’s home, Redford Manor.

Will Isabella be able to thaw Lord Frostwood cold heart? Will Lord Frostwood be able to convince Isabella that she is worthy of love? Can two spirits from Isabella’s and Lord Frostwood’s pasts help them find love and comfort in each other’s arms?

All the authors did a great job of giving the reader great tales of love and happiness that they will want to read over and over again! This was a lovely and wonderful book filled with such sweet stories about love and hope that they can and should be read throughout the whole year, not just at Christmas!

Book Blurb for Cotillion Christmas Spirits

 6-author anthology

A Christmas Spirit of Forgiveness
Carolynn Carey
A freak snowstorm and a mysterious lady in red combine to lure Anna Marshall away from her home and into an encounter with the notorious Earl of Ashington. Marooned on his country estate, the two discover a mutual attraction that both realize can lead nowhere. After all, he prefers life in London while she has reason to avoid the city and her aristocratic relatives who reside there. But Christmas is approaching and with help from the lady in red, the couple eventually find that by accepting love and forgiveness, they can possess the peace and joy that the season promises.
Dreams of Christmas
Barbara Miller
Sarah Pelham is led by the spirit of Christmas past to dream about her missing twin and sets out in a snowstorm to find her. Lord Vance is led by the same spirit to take shelter at the inn where Sarah arrives, and discovers she is the girl of his dreams. Vance is determined to help Sarah complete her mission so she can then marry him. The spirits of Christmases present and future also have a hand in ensuring the couple’s happy ending.
Bride of Belznickel
Kate Dolan
Hannah Brown is forced to spend the Christmas holidays far from home with cousins who ridicule her at every opportunity. To get revenge, she tries to scare them by making up stories about the Belznickel, the Christmas demon.
Then her stories start to come alive…
Jenna’s Eternal Lover
Jeanne Savery
The late Lord Everston’s lover wanted to join him in eternal bliss from the moment he died. But instead of achieving her own happiness, Jenna was required to help his lordship’s heirs find theirs.
Now Jacob, Sarah, Patrick and Roman have true love and it is Jenna’s time to join her deceased lover. It is also Christmas and all the families celebrate it together. Though grieving for Jenna, they still have reason to celebrate the season—the knowledge that true love can survive even death.
Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord
Larissa Lyons
Dominated by her father’s rigid ways since a twist of fate stole her sight, Isabella uses the magic of Christmas to steal away for an adventure of her own when invited to join friends for the holidays. Oh, how she adores Christmastime!
How he abhors Christmastime! Lord Frostwood lives up to his name, freezing out everyone since a childhood tragedy hardened his heart. Everyone, that is, until a spirited wench falls at his feet and proceeds to warm his cold existence, thanks to some strategically placed mistletoe and their resulting Christmas kisses.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00