A Limited Engagement

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A Limited Engagement

Book Length: Novel

Lord Justin Devereux is in a terrible bind. He wants to buy this one house and the land surrounding it. So, he can start his own horse farm, which is his dream. But, his uncle, Lord Meresford will not help him get the trust dissolved so he can get the money for the horse farm. Justin needs the money now, not in ten years, on his thirty-fifth birthday, when the trust will be up. The only way he can get his hands on the money earlier is to get married, and that is something Justin will never do.

When Justin's aunt tries to get him to marry Lettice Tenley, a suitable young woman, he lies and says he is already engaged. Now, he must come up with a fianc‚ fast to present to his family. So, Justin decides to hire an actress to play his fianc‚, to convince his uncle he is sincere about settling down, in order to get his money from the trust.

Miranda Luce is a very strong young woman. When her father dies and leaves her penniless, she does not wallow in self-pity. Instead she decides to stand on her own two feet and take charge of her life, a life where she is not dependent on anyone except herself. In her quest for independence, Miranda decides to become an actress at her brother-in-laws theater, even though actresses are not highly regarded by the noblemen and women of the ton. This does not bother Miranda in the least; she is determined to become a great actress. In order to keep her old life as Miranda Luce private, she decides to adopt a stage name. As a result Miranda Moore is born.

When Miranda's brother-in-law ends up in debtor's prison because of another's misdeeds, she knows she will do anything to help. Including pretending to be Justin's fianc‚. But, what she does not count on is losing her heart in the process.

Will Justin and Miranda be able to pull the wool over his family's eyes? Will they both be able to see that their heart's desire is staring them right in the face? Or will Justin and Miranda give into their fears and lose all hope of happiness?

A Limited Engagement is a fantastic story that will take you back to historical London and the ton. You will find yourself immersed in this book right from the very first page! I could not turn the pages fast enough. Saralee Etter has given us a charming tale of love and laughter.

You will feel as though you are really there with Miranda and Justin as their story unfolds. These are two people whom you will come to love and will want to see them find the happiness they so richly deserve. With A Limited Engagement Mrs. Etter has hit a home run her first time a bat! I am sure her second book, will be out of the ballpark as well. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Book Blurb for A Limited Engagement

As Miss Luce of Luxton Hall, Miranda always expected to make her debut at Almack's. But when her father's death leaves her penniless, the spirited young miss decides to embark on a career as an actress at her brother-in-law Edward's theater, rather than become a dependent poor relative or worse, a wife. When Edward is wrongly arrested for debts, Miranda and her sister Mary have to come up with the funds to free him from debtors prison, or lose everything.

Lord Justin Devereux needs a fiancée — in a hurry! But the young nobleman has no intention of being maneuvered in the parson's mousetrap. Eager to take control of his inheritance and escape the brittle, unsatisfying social scene of the London ton, he hires an actress who can act the part of his betrothed.

But when Justin hires Miranda, neither of them expected the upheaval their masquerade would produce, nor did they expect to fall in love…

Note: Previously published elsewhere under the title The World's a Stage , now substantially revised and altered.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00