Worlds Apart

Raven is in need of some rest and relaxation, so although reluctant she agrees to spend a few weeks in the home of her soon-to-be stepfather. Brad makes Raven's mother, Joy, deliriously happy, and Raven is thrilled about the match. While hesitant to leave her two boys, Raven is excited to meet Brad's children, Greg and Abby and hopes to make a good impression.

Greg is not happy, to say the least, about his father's engagement. Brad barely knows this woman, he had only met her on his holiday in New Zealand. The woman could be a gold-digger for all he knew! When Greg sees Raven at the airport, he feels that his fears are confirmed. Someone as young and attractive as Raven couldn't possibly be interested in his father for anything other than his money! Though Raven quickly figures out the misunderstanding, she is furious with Greg's presumptions and rude behaviour. To teach him a lesson, she plays the role of Brad's very materialistic fiancee. But once things start to heat up between Raven and Greg, will the deception keep them apart?

This book is addictive! The initial misunderstanding between Raven and Greg is hilarious, and the comedy continues as Raven keeps up the pretense. The differences between their two cultures is highlighted in very realistic ways, from their speech to their different ways of driving. Both characters have walls that they need to work through in order to build a proper relationship. They are tied together by feelings of love and loss and are hesitant to try again. However, the two help each other move on from the past in a beautiful way. There is just enough light humour to balance the serious aspects of the novel. The other characters of the novel are interesting as well. I would have liked to know more about Raven's friend Justin, as he seemed to have problems of his own that could have been explored. Possibly in another book? All in all, a really great read!

Book Blurb for Worlds Apart

New Zealand widow Raven thinks her mother's American fiancé is the loveliest man. Visiting his home in Maryland, she unfortunately finds his son is the exact opposite. Greg's animosity and distrust forces Raven into an unpalatable position of safeguarding her mother's happiness. His arrogant assumption his father has been conned by a gold digger enrages Raven and she assumes the mantle to prove him wrong. Soon finding herself attracted to Greg, Raven is  certain he’s incapable of feeling anything deeper than the lust he makes no attempt to hide. Even if she is wrong about him, she can’t extricate herself from her pretence and she’s afraid he’ll never forgive her deception, her lies.  Can he ever understand her reasons for pretending to be engaged to his father?

She was his father’s fiancée, wasn’t she? Greg discovers Raven’s subterfuge within days of her arrival. His initial enjoyment of her antics quickly palls as his feelings for her deepen. Desperate to bring her lies into the open, he maneuvers her into a situation where she’ll be forced to own up, only to have his scheme backfire.

But Raven has other secrets. Secrets that could drive Greg away, forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25